Monthly Archives: October 2018

The $21 million jury prize in a confirmed drunk driving crash

A Marion County jury award of more than $21 million to a passenger who became paraplegic when an inebriated friend crashed his truck after a night of drinking was upheld by the Court on Friday. Indiana call. The appeal panel upheld the jury’s verdict in all respects in Nolan Clayton …

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Leaving $ 289 million jury prize in Monsanto case

We were among the millions of citizens who felt a wave of optimism that justice could indeed prevail on August 10 when a San Francisco Superior Court jury delivered a landmark verdict of $ 289 million against the Monsanto agrochemical conglomerate. When we learned that Dewayne “Lee” Johnson had sued …

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Butcher may retain jury prize in same-sex harassment case

A butcher who said he was repeatedly sexually assaulted by other butchers at a grocery store proved his claim of sexual harassment by showing that men and women were treated differently, the 7th US Court of Appeals ruled. United. The plaintiff worked behind the meat counter at Rosebud Farm, a …

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