A Derbyshire decorator broke a plasterer’s jaw during a sanding job

A Derbyshire decorator who punched a plasterer in a row over sanding walls has been ordered to pay his victim thousands in compensation. Painter Michael English punched the plasterer in the face and is now due to pay his victim £2,400 in compensation.

Michael English, from Swadlincote, and his victim began to argue over the job of smoothing the walls before they were painted at the Kings Gate housing estate, in Shepshed, Leicestershire on June 25, 2020. The plasterer called English a ‘jobsworth’ and the couple are out before the decorator punches the other man in the face.

During the trial, prosecutor Hal Ewing told the jury that the dispute was over who was responsible for sanding plaster at a new build property, with each claiming it was the other’s responsibility. English spoke to the site manager and the plasterer was asked to do the sanding, which he was unhappy about.

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The blow knocked the victim to the ground and left him with a fractured jaw. Englishman, 42, had denied a charge of causing actual bodily harm, but a jury at Leicester Crown Court disagreed and convicted him of carrying out an unprovoked attack. Leicestershire live.

The victim said he had lost a tooth, lost weight and his children were upset and deeply affected when they saw his injuries. He also told the court that the incident made him anxious and reluctant to have “jokes” with colleagues in the future.

He said: “I called him a ‘jobsworth’. I was backing off. He was like, ‘Come on, then’. Next thing, I’m on the bridge. He hit me on the left side of my jaw. J Tried to get up but he grabbed me a good one I said ‘Why did you do that?’ I was absolutely shocked.”

Neil Sands, by way of mitigation, said the defendant had no previous convictions and that his wife, who works night shifts as a palliative care nurse for the terminally ill, should give up her job. He added that the Englishman from Woodland Road, Swadlincote was described as an ‘exemplary’ worker by his boss and in the two years since the incident there has been no further difficulty.

The two men have not worked on the same site since. English’s wife Katie told the Recorder during his sentencing: ‘He was absolutely devastated and can’t believe he did it. worried about child care at home.”

At sentencing, recorder Richard Davis said: “It was an unprovoked attack when you broke your jaw and he was out of work for a considerable period. He couldn’t eat properly for some time and although he has now largely recovered, he still suffers from discomfort.”

The attack was seen by a plumber who quickly intervened and moved between the two men. English was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to pay £2,400 compensation to the victim.

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