A double murder suspect, on bail, was murdered on his way to court

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – A crime watchdog is concerned about the snowball effect of crime, after the Wednesday murder of a man who was on bail, despite two second-degree murder charges pending against him . Hollis Carter was killed in Gentilly, after his arrest for the murders of a Karr high school student and his sister last March.

Hollis Carter, 21, was shot Wednesday morning outside a venue that trained dozens of ministers.

“When they heard it, everyone turned around and they saw a man standing with his gun pointed in the car,” said Pastor Mike Smith of Bethel Baptist Community Church.

Carter was on bail despite being charged with 2 counts of second-degree murder, for the March 2021 deaths of 18-year-old Karr High student Caleb Johnson and his 25-year-old sister Breyiana Brown , who was killed while wearing an ankle monitor. She was released from prison despite a guilty verdict for manslaughter, which was thrown out because it was returned by a non-unanimous jury.

“Even the lawyer representing the deceased called it street justice and he’s absolutely right,” said Rafael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission. He is among those who wonder if Carter should have been on bail. In addition to 2 charges of second degree murder, Hollis was also charged with attempted second degree murder, obstruction of justice and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

“Even though Breyiana Brown was the target, her brother was murdered and her acquaintance who was there was also injured, showing the collateral damage,” Goyeneche said.

Hollis’ bail was set at $300,000, according to court documents. He was shot as he was led to appear in court by his mother, who was also injured.

“Shots rang out, within moments the female driver fell from the car,” Pastor Smith said.

Witnesses were stunned to see the brutality of Hollis’ murder outside the cemetery in broad daylight, they were all equally surprised to see her mother’s wound.

“She was hurt, she couldn’t feel her legs anymore and they called the police. She kept saying my baby, he’s in the car, is he okay? They didn’t tell her he was dead, they just sent her to the hospital,” Smith said.

Carter’s mother is said to be in critical condition after an apparent shooting that some say could have been prevented.

“This is a case where I think the judge needs to dig deeper and do their due diligence and they can reduce the risk of that happening,” Goyeneche said.

Rafael Goyeneche urges judges to consider the full circumstances surrounding a crime before setting bail which he says too often leads to the release of suspects involved in more shootings.


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