After ‘difficult day’ in court, ‘loudmouth’ insurgent 1/6 found guilty on all counts


Matthew Bledsoe, a Jan. 6 insurgent from Tennessee who described himself as a “loudmouth” and who filmed himself shouting “WE IN THIS B—-“ as he stormed the Capitol, was found guilty by a jury on all counts against him: a one count of obstructing an official process and four misdemeanors, including entering or staying in a restricted building and disorderly and disruptive conduct. The 38-year-old faces a maximum of 20 years in prison, but given past sentences for the January 6 insurgents, he is likely to get a much lighter sentence (which is BS).

Bledsoe took the helm as a witness, and by all accounts, it was a pretty pathetic performance. He seemed to have a selective memory, forgetting anything that could make him guilty of his participation in the insurrection and giving outrageous answers to some of the questions.

For example, Bledsoe tried to pretend he was completely unaware of what was going on in Congress that day and had no idea Congress was certifying Joe Biden’s election in 2020 as he stormed the Capitol, despite evidence that his wife and brother sent him updates on congressional proceedings that were taking place inside the Capitol that day.

Also, as Bledsoe entered the Capitol through a door with broken glass panels, he filmed himself (idiot) saying, “Where are those bits of s—at” as the alarms sounded back- plan. However, Bledsoe tried to pretend he heard no alarms. When asked by Assistant U.S. Attorney Jamie Carter, “Who were the pieces of s—?”, Bledsoe said he “was a loudmouth” and was not referring to lawmakers. Yeah, that’s right. Things got worse. for Bledsoe from there.

Carter then showed an image Bledsoe had reposted on social media that depicted members of Congress crouching inside the House amid the riot, with a caption suggesting politicians should be scared.

Bledsoe said it was “just something I reposted” and he didn’t have all the information at the time.

When prosecutors confronted him with a text he sent to his wife, saying it was “good” that someone planted bombs near the Capitol, Bledsoe said he really didn’t mean “good”. He also claimed he didn’t really mean it when he wrote that he “stormed the Capitol.”

Things got even worse for Bledsoe, if you can believe it. “:Loudmouth” was one of those morons who climbed the walls of the Capitol to get in. But you see, it’s just a Tennessee thing.

In an attempt to explain why he climbed a wall to get to the Capitol, Bledsoe said his home in Tennessee was “quite different” from DC, and he regularly climbed walls back home.

My Tennessee friends over there, please tell me more about that common wall climbing thing you have over there. Thanks.

Prosecutor Carter rightly castigated Bledsoe in court.

Carter told the jury Thursday that Bledsoe appeared to have a selective memory of what happened the day of the riot.

“It looks like he didn’t see the things that could hurt him in his case today,” Carter said, encouraging jurors to take Bledsoe at his own words. “He meant what he said, he said what he meant.”

“You don’t ‘storm’ somewhere you have a right to be. I don’t ‘storm’ my friend’s house when I go to dinner,” Carter said. “He said he stormed the Capitol, and he meant it.”

More Loudmouth pearls:

  • He blamed the insurgency on — wait for it — the police, telling the jury that “it was like we were let in” by the Capitol police.
  • He thought January 6 was “pretty peaceful” and a “fun experience”.

Well, have fun in jail.

The DOJ is now seven to seven for convicting the Jan. 6 insurgents in jury trials. May justice continue for these traitors.

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