Alleging Harassment by BJP Men, Forest Inspector Leaves Job in Meerut

Ajit Bhadana further said that he has worked in the Forest Department for 34 years and has never been so harassed by this government as now. BJP MLA from Hastinapur Dinesh Khatik and MLA Sangeet Som from Sardhana along with their followers used to talk in a derogatory manner whenever they made phone calls and on several occasions pushed him to do evil. “At the same time I was told to get the votes of my community, I did nothing wrong and now I am free. I don’t wear a uniform to hear derogatory language from leaders. I quit my work with a heavy heart BJP people don’t give jobs but take them away, such public representatives should not be elected,” Bhadana said.

When Ajit Bhadana made the announcement in Hastinapur on Sunday, former minister Jagveer Singh, former MP Gopal Kali and former MP Yogesh Varma were also present at the panchayat. Ajit Bhadana is a resident of Mawana. He made another shocking allegation that the two BJP MPs are putting increasing pressure on him to secure Gujjar’s vote support. Similar pressures are also exerted on other employees, he alleged. “My conscience couldn’t accept it,” he said.

Gopal Kali, former MP for Hastinapur confirmed that he was present in this panchayat when Inspector Ajit Bhadana made this decision. At that moment, Ajit Bhadana looked very pained and upset. However, he showed great courage. Land grabbing allegations have been made against local BJP MP Dinesh Khatik, he does not seem to have a positive image in the area. He probably tried to pressure the employees here but, in this case, he did not get the expected response and Inspector Ajit Bhadana refused to bow down.

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