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A man accused of murdering an Irvine researcher, who was shot while camping with his two young daughters in Malibu Creek State Park, was removed from court on Wednesday after an explosion laden with obscenities .

Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo told Anthony Rauda before he was removed from the hearing that he had no authority to file motions on his own behalf, including a request for a change of venue of the trial because he has a defense attorney and is not representing himself.

“The court will not accept any of these requests at this time,” the judge said.

Rauda, ​​45, is set to stand trial in September for the murder of 35-year-old Allergan scientist Tristan Thomas Beaudette, who was shot at around 4:45 a.m. on June 22, 2018, while sharing a tent with his then girls aged 2 and 4, who escaped injury.

Rauda also faces 10 counts of attempted murder – Beaudette’s daughters are among the named victims – as well as five counts of second-degree commercial burglary involving a series of crimes dating back three years.

“You’ll see me before that… You definitely will,” Rauda said of the September court date.

The judge ordered Rauda removed from the downtown Los Angeles courtroom by bailiffs after a verbal outburst that continued as he was carried in a restraint chair with a shield of spit on the head – the two he was in when he was brought into search. She had noted earlier in the hearing that he was being held back due to “unpredictable violent behavior”.

After being walked out of the courtroom, a preliminary hearing was set for May 3.

Rauda was originally charged in January 2019 with the crimes, then indicted in October 2019 by a Los Angeles County grand jury.

Criminal proceedings were suspended after a doubt was declared in October 2020 about his mental capacity, but his reinstatement was ordered last November following a determination of his capacity.

Rauda – who could face life in prison if convicted – has a string of convictions for weapons offenses dating back to 2006, according to the criminal complaint filed against him in January 2019.

Prosecutors allege Rauda carried out attacks dating back to November 2016, when he allegedly injured a man who was sleeping in a hammock in the Malibu State Park area. He allegedly fired into the sleeping area of ​​a vehicle less than a week later.

Rauda is also accused of shooting at vehicles three times in 2017, in which no one was injured, and of shooting at a Tesla on Las Virgenes Road four days before Beaudette’s murder. He is further charged with a series of commercial burglaries committed between July 27 and October 9, 2018.

He was arrested in October 2018 after a series of large-scale manhunts in the area for a suspected rifle culprit in several food thefts in the Calabasas area, including an early morning burglary at the community center. of Agoura Hills/Calabasas, where someone smashed a vending machine and stole food.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies believed the burglaries might be linked to Beaudette’s murder.

Rauda was reportedly carrying a rifle when he was stopped in a ravine about a mile and a half north of Mulholland Highway west of Las Virgenes Road in the Malibu Canyon area, after deputies combed through the area and spotted new boot prints and tracked him down.

Authorities say Rauda was captured on surveillance video in one of the crimes carrying a gun and wearing what sheriff’s investigators described as “tactical gear.” grate in the desert, carrying out the heists when he needed food.

He was sentenced in December 2018 to six months in prison for a firearms and ammunition violation, a sentence that was to be served consecutively with an earlier sentence of 160 days for a probation violation.

In a statement released after Rauda was charged with Beaudette’s murder, the Sheriff’s Department said evidence had been developed and gathered “incriminating Rauda as being responsible for a series of armed burglaries, multiple shootings and the murder of Tristan Beaudette”.

“A concentrated effort by detectives to uncover Rauda’s past activities correlating to this investigation revealed that he apparently acted alone during this identified crime spree, spanning November 2016 to October 2018. No similar crimes have been identified. ‘has been reported in the area since October 2018 Rauda’s arrest,’ the statement said.

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