Are you looking for a thankless job opportunity? Join Trump’s legal team today!

Criminal defense experience is particularly important. As of this writing, Trump is facing a potential grand jury investigation in Georgia for tampering with election officials in 2020 and an investigation by local prosecutors in Manhattan into the Trump Organization’s shoddy accounting practices. The New York Attorney General’s office is conducting a civil investigation into similar cases. The House Jan. 6 committee is looking closely at Trump’s role in the attack on Capitol Hill last year. And the Justice Department is investigating both Trump’s White House role in the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and a separate probe into whether he unlawfully retained classified documents after leaving office. .

Working on Trump’s legal team is an exciting and fast-paced experience. You never know if you’ll get a phone call at 3 a.m. that the FBI is looking for nuclear secrets from your client’s Florida resort, or that the House of Representatives committee on January 6 has obtained the testimony of ex-employee who claims your client knew the mob was armed. when he got him into Congress last year, or if local prosecutors in Georgia and New York indict the family business and its longtime employees.

Potential candidates must also be willing to argue whatever the client wants to argue in court. This requires going beyond the usual requirement of zealous advocacy. The ideal candidate must be prepared to argue, for example, that presidents have the right to incite a mob to attack Congress, that the vice president can overturn election results and unilaterally install a new president, and that the marital rape does not exist. Some lawyers might think that’s a bridge too far, but a Trump attorney will relish the challenge of making bold new legal arguments.

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