“Asphalt Workers” wins Special Jury Prize at Iran Intl. University theater festival

TEHRAN – The “Asphalt Workers” received the special jury prize at the 23rd Iranian International University Theater Festival, organizers said on Saturday.

The play directed by Amin Movahedipur premiered at the Neauphle-le-Château theater in Tehran last Friday.

The winners received their prizes at the closing ceremony of the festival held in the Samandarian Hall of the Iranshahr Theater Complex.

In the directing category, Hossein Hosseinian won the award for best director for his play “After Falling”, while Mohammad Ohadi-Haeri was selected as a finalist for the play “Story of a Verb”. Mahmud Heidari and Amir-Hossein Barimani received the third place award for “Night of Doubt”.

Ohadi-Haeri, Negin Firuzmanesh, Shideh Ghaffarian and Sina Sheibani won the award for best playwright for “Story of a Verb”.

Ruzbeh Kazemi won the second place award for “After Falling” in this section, and Shahab Rahmanian and Parnia Sham received the third best playwright award for “Home”.

Amir-Hossein Barimani was voted best actor for his role in “Night of Doubt” and Sepehr Tehranchi won the second best actor award for his role in “After Falling”. The third best actor award was shared by Payman Mohseni for “Silent Cry” and Ehsan Majuni for “Hamlet”.

The award for best actress went to Marjan Ettefaqian for her role in “After Falling”. Negin Firuzmanesh was selected as second best actress for her role in “Story of a Verb”, and Ava Tadayyon won the third best actress award for her role in “Hamlet”.

Jury members Navid Mohammadzadeh and Hadi Hejazifar gave short speeches before honoring the winners.

“It’s amazing that the festival can be physically organized with spectators,” Mohammadzadeh said and added that the jury did their best to be fair in their judgment.

Hejazifar also confirmed Mohammadzadeh’s remarks and said, “We discussed the performances every evening until the early hours to make our right and righteous choices.”

The following is a list of other festival winners.

Best scenography: “Hamlet” by Seyyed Mehdi Musavi.

Best costumes: “Pope Zhito” by Mohammad Mehri.

Best stage lighting: “Karim” by Mehran Karimi.

Best Music: “Construction” by Mehdi Zamani.

Photo: A winner bow to the audience after accepting his award at the 23rd Iranian International University Theater Festival in the Samandarian Hall of the Iranshahr Theater Complex in Tehran on July 10, 2021 (Mehr / Behnam Tofiqi)


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