Bill Barr after Sussmann acquittal: Durham ‘did an exceptionally competent job’

Former Attorney General William Barr defended special counsel John Durham after a federal jury acquitted prominent Democratic attorney Michael Sussmann, saying that despite the failure of his landmark prosecution, Durham “did an exceptionally competent job “.

Fox News host Jesse Watters asked Barr in a interview wednesday whether he was disappointed with Durham or felt “in any way responsible for how this situation unfolded in Durham”, as he appointed the special prosecutor.

“No, I’m very proud of John Durham, and I take responsibility for his appointment, and I think he and his team have done an exceptionally competent job, both in unearthing very important facts and in presenting a case convincing to the jury”, Barré answered

“Although he failed to secure a conviction from the DC jury, I believe he accomplished something far more important, which is to bring out the truth in two important areas,” he said. he continued.

Barr said he believes Durham “crystallizes the pivotal role” Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign played in espousing a narrative that former President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

He said Durham also “exposed the truly appalling behavior of FBI supervisors, top FBI brass, who knowingly use this information to launch an investigation into Trump and then trick their own agents into lying to them and refusing to tell them.” . what was the real source of this information.

Barr chose Durham to investigate the FBI’s investigation of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in early 2019, receiving special counsel status in late 2020 so Durham could complete his work even after Trump left. .

Sussmann, a key figure in the Durham investigation, was accused of not being available during an October 2016 meeting with the then FBI general counsel regarding who he had represented.

He reportedly met with FBI official James Baker to present evidence of alleged questionable online trafficking between Russian financial institution Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.

A federal jury acquitted Sussmann on Monday of one count of lying to the FBI, a decision that was criticized by Trump.

“Our legal system is CORRUPTED, our judges (and our judges!) are highly partisan, compromised or just plain scared, our borders are OPEN, our elections are rigged, inflation is RAMPING, gas and food prices are ‘through the roof’, our military ‘leadership’ is awake, our country is going to HELL, and Michael Sussmann is not guilty,” Trump wrote in an article on Truth Socialthe social networking site he founded.

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