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A black FedEx driver in Mississippi was doing his job on Jan. 24 when two white men in a van allegedly chased him and fired a gun at him. He survived the assault and the suspects have been arrested. But the lawyer representing the driver, D’Monterrio Gibsonnow calls for an investigation by outside law enforcement agencies and possible hate crime charges.

In an interview with the Mississippi Free Press, Attorney carlos mooreof The Cochran Firm, said he plans to ask the FBI and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations to get involved, as well as asking the US Department of Justice “to prosecute this as a hate crime.”

“They can’t take justice into their own hands. We’re really tired of things like this happening, always looking suspicious to a certain type of people,” Gibson told the Free press.

Moore compared his client’s case to the pursuit and fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia by three white men who mistakenly suspected him of theft in their neighborhood. In Gibson’s case, the suspects allegedly suspected him of suspicious behavior.

“It’s just sad that this is happening,” Moore said. “It seems to be a duo of impersonators copying the Ahmaud Arbery case… They saw that this man was a black man, and they just walked away and shot him several times, at least the younger son did . The older guy tried to trap him. They were working together to try to trap and kill this man. I mean, they shot him multiple times. It’s amazing that he survived.

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Gibson, 24, told the newspaper he was making deliveries in Brookhaven, Mississippi, last month when a white van drove up to him, honking, from a nearby residence. Gibson, at the time, was driving a Hertz rental with Hertz markings on the side but wearing his FedEx uniform.

Gibson swerved to avoid the truck and pressed the accelerator to quickly leave the neighborhood. As he walked away, a second man stood in the middle of the street, pointing a gun, signaling Gibson to stop. He swerved to avoid the man who started firing his gun into the van.

As Gibson drove away, he called his manager to report what was happening, as the van followed him down the freeway. About 10 minutes on the highway, the van was quick to follow. On the way back to his FedEx station, Gibson called his dispatcher, who told him he had received a call about a suspicious person at the address where Gibson was making his delivery.

Back at the station, they discovered bullet holes in the delivery van and inside the packages. The next day, January 25, Gibson and one of his managers went to the Brookhaven Police Department to file a report.

Gibson said a white officer asked him if he had “done anything to make them think (he) looked suspicious.” Feeling disrespected, Gibson recalled telling the officer he was just doing his job.

After investigation, the police identified the driver as Case Gregory and the man of the road as his son, Brandon case. They surrendered to authorities on February 1. The father was charged with conspiracy and the son with aggravated assault.

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