Bolton Wanderers fans give their verdict on Ian Evatt and Blackpool jobs speculation

IT has been a worrying week for wanderersfans as speculation over Ian Evatt and a possible move to the Blackpool Noises Championship from the University of Bolton

The stadium is positive – and it looks like there hasn’t been any formal approach from the Seasiders for their former player, who is approaching two years in charge of Los Blancos.

We asked fans what they thought about whether Bolton was at risk of losing their manager and what it would ultimately mean if it happened.

Chris Mulligan, of Boltonsaid the ties to Evatt didn’t match.

“It didn’t really make sense for him to go, given where he says we are and whether the relationship with the board and Sharon is as good as we are led to believe. “, he told The Bolton News.

“Why would he make the decision to risk what he has with us?

“Yeah, he was there at their best time, but it’s always a big gamble to go back and if that doesn’t work out then you look a little silly.

“If they were top of the Championship or missed the play-offs then I would have him. He would leave with the best of the majority of Bolton fans, but to me that makes no sense. He has a good thing to do here.

Colin Yates, Wanderers fan, who lives in Southportbelieves there may be offers in the future that Evatt cannot refuse – but he disagrees that Blackpool would be among them.

“We need to start building those foundations as a club, moving forward and weeding out the excuses that might have been on the table in the recent past due to the financial issues we’ve been through. The stability of Ian Evatt allows us to progress, to move forward.

“Historically speaking, Blackpool would be a step backwards. League status, you could say that would be a step forward, but you can’t just look at that. It’s more about what he’s trying to achieve as a whole with us, it balances him out.

“The connection is obvious, given that he was playing for them, but that’s all there is to it.”

Beth Veevers, of Horwichsays she has come to appreciate Evatt’s role at Wanderers and thinks his relationship with Sharon Brittan and the board would be a big factor if he were given the opportunity to leave.

“I would have understood him talking to them (Blackpool) because if you have a connection with a club it’s a nice feeling to come back, to feel wanted. But I think we’re a better prospect, even if they are higher in the league.

“His goal is to create a journey and do what he is already doing with us, rather than being placed at a club which is already not doing badly, but where is it going?

“I think the board has been important – not just for the manager or his players, but also for us, the fans. We had gone through such a difficult time.

“We see other clubs going through all of this now and one of the main lessons they can learn from us is that a board has to stick with people when things aren’t going well.

“I was one of those people who was unsure of Ian Evatt at one point, but he has shown himself worthy of our club and I think some players are the same.”

Jack Tyldsley, of Lostockbelieves keeping Evatt is integral to success in Ligue 1 next season.

“We’ve had all the talk about Dapo or Santos leaving but if we can keep Ian Evatt, especially amidst interest from teams like Blackpool, that will be huge,” he said.

“He is the most important part of what has happened since Football Ventures took over.

“I think if we can keep him we have a great chance next year. But he’s key to that.

“In terms of history, we are a bigger club, even if they are in a better position in the league. But in terms of potential, being slightly biased, I see more of it here.

“He has had the support of the board for almost two years now. If he went to Blackpool, would they play straight away? We’ve seen here a few times that he can have bad luck as things work out.

“If he went – ​​and I don’t think he will – would he get the same support he got here?

“You see it all the time, clubs who sack managers fear they will fall, but here we have stayed behind him.”

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