Brazos County District Court jury convicts and convicts former College Station high school teacher of having inappropriate relationship with student – Reuters

Photo by Gregory Stanley from
Photo by Gregory Stanley from

A Brazos County District Court jury convicted and punished a former College Station High School teacher for engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student.

Greg Stanley, 48, was arrested in August 2015. This was after the victim told College Station police that Stanley had initiated unwanted sexual contact at the teacher’s home.

After going to the police, the district attorney’s office said officers recorded a call the victim made to Stanley, where the teacher apologized and tried to get the victim not to report not what had happened.

Prosecutors also said jurors heard of two other students who had inappropriate contact with Stanley. One was a Corsicana High student attending a theater camp in Georgetown. The second student was taught by Stanley at Magnolia High School.

Stanley, who lived in Oxford Mississippi, can appeal the verdict and sentence.

Prosecutors say he cannot be released on appeal bail because the prison sentence was a minimum of ten years.

The jury chose the middle of the sentencing range of two to 20 years. Stanley applied for probation. Prosecutors have searched for ten to 20.

Brazos County District Attorney’s Office Press Release:

Gregory Stanley, a high school drama teacher, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Brazos County jury on Jan. 19, 2022. The jury previously found him guilty of improper educator-student relationship on Friday.

On August 3, 2015, a student in Stanley’s Theater Arts class at College Station High School contacted the College Station Police Department to report an incident of abuse. Stanley had texted the student after 1:00 a.m. and invited him to his house. The student visited Stanley to discuss the upcoming school year.

There, Stanley provided him with alcohol. After that, Stanley started massaging the student. The victim’s requests for him to stop were ignored.

Stanley led the student to his room, lit candles, and applied lotion to the student as part of the massage. Despite being told to stop again several times, Stanley touched the student’s genitals.

The victim was eventually able to distract Stanley and flee to his home. The student described feeling shaky and hunched over later that morning. A few hours after the incident, he reported what had happened to a friend and was convinced to contact the police department.

A College Station detective helped the student place a recorded phone call with Stanley the next day. During the call, Stanley apologized to the student, blamed his behavior on his drunkenness, and attempted to manipulate the victim into not reporting the incident.

Stanley was arrested later that afternoon and evidence from his home and phone corroborated the victim’s account. Stanley was furloughed by CSIS the same day and later resigned.

The jurors also heard of a former student of the defendant when he taught at Magnolia High School. This victim was a student at Blinn when she was invited to Stanley’s house late at night via text message on May 24, 2015. She was offered a drink and then passed out. He woke up to see Stanley performing oral sex on him without consent. This victim had contacted the CSPD anonymously in June. After Stanley was arrested, he again contacted the CSPD and identified himself.

Jurors also heard of a Corsicana High School student who had an encounter with Stanley at a Georgetown drama camp in July 2015 where he was inappropriately hugged and kissed by Stanley.

Evidence at trial showed that the defendant had previously taught acting at Klein High School, Temple High School, Magnolia High School and other locations.

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