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Clive Churchill Medal winner Brent Kite took to social media to explain his court appearance in a lengthy rant after telling the magistrate he had ‘no authority’ over him.

The former Dragons, Sea Eagles and Panthers star was facing a local court magistrate in Queanbeyan charged with refusing to show his license to police, driving an unregistered Class A motor vehicle on the road and having used an uninsured vehicle on the road.

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The Canberra Star reported that Kite, who played for New South Wales and Australia, appeared in court on Monday and pleaded not guilty to all charges. “Before I was arrested, I was mugged, (the police) smashed my car,” he allegedly told the court

Kite claimed he was exercising his “constitutional rights” when he refused to roll down his window.

“Have you joined the sovereign citizens? asked Magistrate Rodger Clisdell.

Kite denied being a member of this political movement.

“You can’t tell me what I am and what I’m not,” Kite replied.

He then demanded to be tried by a court composed of a jury and two magistrates.

“I can cut myself in half if that helps,” Clisdell replied, calling the defendant’s demands “nonsense.”

Kite allegedly then claimed that the court had “no authority” over him.

The 40-year-old then doubled down on Instagram.

“I was in court today. I know the attire is a bit casual but I was one of the best presented in a full QBN court,” he posted.

“A boy wore a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, a middle aged guy had blue jeans and sneakers – Seinfeld style, at least a few young guys wore shorts/t-shirts and Tns, I also saw a few cheap suits and a young guy in a nice suit with his similarly dressed dad.

“This photo touched me, the idea that “dressing up” will help you in front of the magistrate.

Brent Kite (left) leaves Queanbeyan Local Court with a supporter (right) on February 28, 2022. Photo: Julia KanapathippillaiSource: Supplied

“So on that point we’re worried about what ‘we’ are wearing but does anyone ever come out and say ‘what’s that long black robe the magistrate is wearing?’

“If you do, if you’re wondering if you really did something wrong by going to 65 in a 60 zone, then that’s fine with you, but like the people who taught me have said, you have to discover it for yourself.

“If you don’t know your rights, you have none. Maybe I’ll ask you a few questions. If you’re happy with the status quo, that’s your prerogative.

“Disclaimer here, I am not an anarchist. I have learned what my rights are and I will defend them because I want a better and fairer justice system and government.

“So like I did with the cops, I’m trying to exercise my constitutional rights to be heard before a jury of my peers or at least two magistrates – that’s the bible reference you can read at the time of Canberra.

“Again…why is the Bible in court? Do these real laws still stand with our constitution? I believe they do. Anyway, the magistrate didn’t like it, we’re going to a hearing in a few months.

“I can’t lose, even if they don’t know how to fine me, I stood up for what I know to be true.

“So in the thick of it, is driving Unrego bad? It’s up to you to pay the rego and the insurance in 22 years. I have never damaged anyone’s property or their body but this is what happened to me and it is ‘wrong’ which is why Queanbeyan Police now have a case to answer.

Police allege that on February 9, officers from the Monaro Police District spotted Kite driving a vehicle with a canceled NSW registration.

Officers then ordered Kite to stop at a unit compound in Queanbeyan.

A statement from NSW Police alleges ‘officers explained to the driver why he had been arrested and repeatedly asked him to roll down his window to provide his driving license and for the purposes of a breathalyzer test’.

Police allege Kite refused to comply and officers forced their way into the car through the driver’s side window before the tall rugby player was arrested.

After his arrest, he was taken to Queanbeyan police station where he gave a negative breath test.


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Brent Kite during his playing days for Manly.Source: Limited News

Clisdell offered to set a hearing date for the case and Kite stepped in after the magistrate suggested a date that didn’t suit prosecutors.

“You’re going to need a lot longer to pin this on me,” Kite said.

The magistrate set June 21 as the date for a hearing and suggested that the accused consult a lawyer.

“I don’t need a lawyer,” Kite said.

“I’m just me, I’m a man, you have no authority.”

As he left the court, Kite said, “None of this bows on my part.”

Clisdell said “one scrum too many” as the defendant left the courtroom.

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