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(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Strategist Jalen hurts should like the changes that are happening with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Key additions on defense like Haason Reddick, white kyzirand James Bradberry should help maintain any lead they build.

But he should be happy to have wide receivers pascal pascal and A.J. Brown.

These two broads will join DeVonta Smith and Quez Watkins in what promises to be a solid receiving unit.

Philadelphia also has a powerful rushing offense with Miles Sander, Boston Scottand Kenneth Gainwell.

With all those goals around him, Hurts should do better than his performance last season.

This time, as 94WIP.com reporter Eliot Shorr-Parks said, Hurts should raise his target for this campaign.

Shorr-Parks tweeted, “Jalen Hurts needs to win a playoff game next season to be the #Eagles QB in 2023. Just making the playoffs won’t be enough for the Eagles to commit. Must win a playoff game.

The jury is still out on whether Hurts is the Eagles’ long-term solution under center.

Undoubtedly it is a better option than Carson Wentz, that the Eagles once traded to the Indianapolis Colts.

But consistency in the passing game should be his priority.

Offensive linemen and their running backs will find ways to keep the ground game going.

However, Hurts needs to show his passing accuracy.

This way, the Eagles will win more games and have a long playoff run.

Now or never for wounds

He must show a marked improvement to maintain his position.

Otherwise, the Eagles will use one of their 2023 first-round picks to select a quarterback.

Unlike the 2022 class, the 2023 pool is more promising with players like CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, Spencer Rattler and Will Levis.

Therefore, Philadelphia could sign his replacement if Hurts doesn’t make the team feel safe at quarterback.

Once that happens, time will be running out for his starter tenure.

Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss offers job promotion to drop sexual harassment lawsuit – NBC New York https://trial-jury.org/irvington-mayor-tony-vauss-offers-job-promotion-to-drop-sexual-harassment-lawsuit-nbc-new-york/ Wed, 18 May 2022 04:24:47 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/irvington-mayor-tony-vauss-offers-job-promotion-to-drop-sexual-harassment-lawsuit-nbc-new-york/

A partial audio recording obtained by the I-Team appears to show the mayor of Irvington, New Jersey, and his township attorney offering a job promotion and a pay raise to a city employee – in exchange for him to drop out. the employee’s wife from his 2014 sexual harassment complaint against the mayor and the city.

In the recording, which documents a pretrial discussion about the settlement of the lawsuit, Mayor Tony Vauss and Irvington Township Attorney Ramon Rivera offer benefits worth “a lot of money” to Carl Brown, the husband of Tamara Smith, a former township code enforcer. officer who accused Vauss of sexually assaulting her inside the Irvington Municipal Building.

“What we’re willing to talk about is a raise for Carl which, you know, would be a raise in salary, an annual raise to his base that he would receive every year for a period of time that would be a lot of money over a long period,” Rivera said. “That’s something we could do as early as Monday and solve the case.”

In the conversation, secretly recorded by Smith, Vauss said he was unwilling to discuss a cash settlement with his accuser, but would agree to compensation being paid to her husband.

“The reason we’re talking about compensating you is that we have a different view of what happened here — in terms of who’s the victim and who’s not the victim,” Vauss told Brown. “So compensating you is something I’m willing to do because you could be the victim in this scenario.”

Settlement negotiations ultimately failed, and Mayor Vauss was victorious in a jury trial. His lawyers successfully argued that the mayor was being targeted by an employee with ulterior motives and credibility issues.

Still, some Irvington ratepayers were disappointed to learn that a city job was used as a bargaining chip in settlement negotiations over a sexual misconduct complaint.

“I disagree with that,” said Golden Robinson, a longtime Irvington resident. “You get a job on your merits.”

Singer Irie, a fellow taxpayer who has lived in Irvington for decades, said the recording raises questions about how the township has handled other legal settlements.

“How do we know how much of this is still going on?” Irie said. “People should get their jobs because of their skills.”

Various federal and state bribery laws prohibit offering resources to taxpayers in exchange for personal benefit, but former prosecutors say the legality of the mayor’s conduct depends on his intent.

“If the public official’s intent was to benefit himself, it could be a crime, but if he was trying to benefit the municipality, the conduct may be permitted,” said Chuck Rosenberg, a former prosecutor. federal. “There’s a big difference between something horrible and something illegal.”

Mayor Vauss did not respond to questions from the I-Team. In the past, he has flatly denied Tamara Smith’s allegation of sexual harassment, calling it “scandalous” and “outlandish”.

Township Attorney Ramon Rivera, who did much of the talking on the audio recording, emailed a statement defending the settlement negotiations.

“The meeting you refer to was a routine settlement discussion with the plaintiffs,” Rivera wrote. “It is important to note that the meeting, which was surreptitiously recorded, took place in the plaintiff’s attorney’s office 8 years ago. The plaintiffs rejected all attempts at settlement, and the mayor and township were ultimately successful at trial, where the plaintiff was also found to have defamed the mayor and was ordered to pay damages. It should also be noted that the judge prohibited the plaintiff from using the subject’s recording during the trial. »

Although the jury ordered Tamara Smith to pay $7,000 in damages for defaming Mayor Vauss, she says she will never pay it and stands by her sexual assault allegation. After the jury sided with Vauss, Smith was fired from her job as a code enforcement officer after she allegedly issued a flawed summons to the mayor’s ex-wife. She appealed unsuccessfully to get her job back and now works in the private sector.

Her husband, Carl, now works as a sanitation superintendent in Irvington. Had he accepted the 2014 job offer in exchange for dropping the sexual harassment suit, Smith says the additional benefits would have represented a legal settlement disguised as a regular municipal payroll.

“If money was coming out of Irvington Township, I think residents — if they were to pay for it — they have a right to know where their money is being spent,” Smith said.

Potential jurors interviewed in phase two of jury selection process for Parkland School shooter Nikolas Cruz’s penalty trial – CBS Miami https://trial-jury.org/potential-jurors-interviewed-in-phase-two-of-jury-selection-process-for-parkland-school-shooter-nikolas-cruzs-penalty-trial-cbs-miami/ Tue, 17 May 2022 13:18:45 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/potential-jurors-interviewed-in-phase-two-of-jury-selection-process-for-parkland-school-shooter-nikolas-cruzs-penalty-trial-cbs-miami/

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami/AP) — The second phase of the jury selection process for the trial of Parkland school gunman Nikolas Cruz began Monday with attorneys asking potential jurors questions, with one candidate matching him to an interview for “ hardest job of my life.”

Lawyers asked jurors about their views on the death penalty and the Feb. 14, 2018, shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 14 students and three staff members dead.

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Cruz, 23, pleaded guilty in October to 17 counts of first-degree murder, so the 12 ultimately selected jurors will decide only whether he is sentenced to death or life in prison without parole. Eight alternates will also be selected.

During the morning session, Cruz’s attorney, Casey Secor, probed potential jurors’ beliefs with an interrogation that lasted 45 minutes or more, in part due to legal wrangling over some of his questions. It took nearly four hours to interview the first three potential jurors, the first of a group of 400 who said in the previous selection they could sit from mid-June until September, the expected length of the trial. They are expected to return for questioning in the coming weeks.

The prosecution, meanwhile, asked some basic questions and was done — except to repeatedly object when they felt Secor’s questions went overboard by being too specific to the Cruz case. Due to the time it took to question potential jurors, Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer later changed to questioning jurors in groups over the objection of Cruz’s attorneys.

The parties’ opposing strategies became apparent from the first potential juror interviewed, a woman in her mid-40s. While the names of potential jurors are announced in court, The Associated Press does not use them to protect their privacy during the trial.

The woman told lead prosecutor Mike Satz that while she knows about the Stoneman Douglas shooting, she doesn’t know many details. She told him she could follow the law and impose the death penalty if necessary.

Secor, a death penalty expert, asked the woman that if she was the ruler of an island, would she face the death penalty. She said no. When asked why, the woman stopped for several seconds.

“I understand how some acts are just plain inexplicable,” she said. “But I’m just human, right? And I don’t have the power to understand what made someone commit an act. No one has this power except God. … Nothing will bring back the victims. Due to prosecutors’ objections, his interview lasted nearly 90 minutes. She passed the screening and was told to come back for a third and final round of questioning in a few weeks.

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Either the prosecution or the defense can ask Scherer to dismiss a juror for cause if they can convince her that the candidate cannot be right on their side. Each side also has 10 peremptory challenges to remove a juror for a reason other than race or gender. Due to the complexity of the case, Scherer indicated that she could give each side more.

To be selected, jurors must agree to set aside their knowledge of the case and base any decision on what is presented at trial. They also have to agree that they could impose the death penalty if they think the evidence requires it, but also don’t think that all killers should be executed.

Under Florida law, the jury will have to decide whether the aggravating factors that the prosecution will present – such as the number of victims, Cruz’s planning and the cruelty he exhibited – outweigh any mitigating factors such as his long history of mental and emotional problems, his eventual abuse and the death of his parents. For Cruz to receive a death sentence, the verdict must be unanimous. If even a juror disagrees, they will receive a life sentence without parole.

The second potential juror, a woman in her 20s, said sentencing someone to death “is a big decision that would take a lot of thought.” But she also believed that sentencing a first-degree murderer to death “is the most reasonable position.”

“Kind of an eye for an eye,” she said. But when asked by Satz, she said she didn’t think the death penalty should be automatic. She was fired after the defense objected.

The third potential juror, a man in his 60s, said his cousin was recently released from prison after 40 years for killing someone as a teenager. At first, he said he could impose a death sentence if the prosecution made their case. But pressed by Secor, the man indicated that the death penalty might be the appropriate punishment for Cruz.

“It’s way beyond anything any of us had ever thought of. It’s not a person and a victim,” he said. “It’s mass murder – what else could it be?” He then referred to the killing of 10 people on Saturday in Buffalo, New York, allegedly by an 18-year-old, saying, “It seems like a thing that happens. happening in our country.” He was told to come back for further questioning.

In total on Monday, 10 of the 17 jurors interviewed passed the second phase and will be brought back for the third round.

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(© Copyright 2022 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All rights reserved. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

De Montfort University poised for reluctant job losses as cost of living crisis hits funds https://trial-jury.org/de-montfort-university-poised-for-reluctant-job-losses-as-cost-of-living-crisis-hits-funds/ Thu, 12 May 2022 16:28:39 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/de-montfort-university-poised-for-reluctant-job-losses-as-cost-of-living-crisis-hits-funds/

De Montfort University has announced that it may have to eliminate 58 positions in an effort to cut costs. The university said its finances have been hit by both the pandemic, which has led to a drop in student numbers, and the current cost-of-living crisis.

Any reductions will come into effect in October and could affect academic and faculty staff, as well as non-academic staff. A DMU spokesperson added that the university had to “make the most difficult decision [it] could” – review personnel costs – which could lead to layoffs and job cuts.

The spokesperson said: “Over the past year, De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has introduced a robust program of cost reduction measures aimed at improving organizational efficiency and addressing to an overall budget deficit.Although these measures have considerably improved the university’s financial situation, the profound effect of the global pandemic, which has led to a reduction in the number of students, combined with the increase in the cost of living , means that new savings still need to be found.

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“Having already implemented a comprehensive set of measures, including voluntary departures, we must take the most difficult decision possible and review staff costs, which may lead to job reductions and layoffs. In total, the university plans a net reduction of 58 academic and professional services roles, but those proposals will continue to be reviewed.

“DMU is entirely dependent on its dedicated and brilliant staff to make it what it is and as such this is the last decision we wanted to make.”

The spokesperson added that the steps were necessary to ensure that the university would be “financially resilient in the future” and could continue to provide “high quality teaching, learning and research” and community contributions. .

Current cost-cutting measures include voluntary redundancies, freezing senior executive bonuses, reducing overtime pay and spending on casual staff and consultants. The university has also limited non-essential staff training and suspended its academic promotion processes.

He is currently consulting with unions on possible job losses. In a statement, the DMU branch committee of the University and College Union (UCU) said it contested the decision “on principle”.

The committee added: “We are particularly opposed to this most recent decision because the financial rationale for the action is unclear, lacks granular detail and is based on dubious projections. As recently as last year, we were assured that spending cuts were necessary to save jobs, and that this drive set us apart from competing institutions.

“Staff at this institution have worked tirelessly on the submissions of the Research Excellence Framework and the Teaching Excellence Framework (Systems for Assessing the Quality of Research and Teaching in Educational Institutions higher), and supported our students throughout the pandemic: the very people who saved the university from collapse should not pay the price for mismanagement of resources.

“Furthermore, the suggestion that this is a limited exercise, and not the precursor to further staff reductions, should be treated with caution – we must all support those at risk, as this may not be- be only the first phase of a process that ushers in terminal decline.

The consultation period with the unions will run until Friday 17 June.

]]> Court rules $12.5 million Navy Wharf employment dispute must go to trial https://trial-jury.org/court-rules-12-5-million-navy-wharf-employment-dispute-must-go-to-trial/ Wed, 11 May 2022 21:17:00 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/court-rules-12-5-million-navy-wharf-employment-dispute-must-go-to-trial/

By Morgan Conley (May 11, 2022, 5:17 p.m. EDT) – A federal court in Georgia has ruled that jury input was needed to decide whether a subcontractor for a Navy wharf rehabilitation project American is entitled to collect $12.5 million after on-site lead paint increased the scope and price of the work.

Denying the competing motions for summary judgment, U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood said on Tuesday that numerous factual disputes remained in the lawsuit alleging unpaid debts from a U.S. Navy wharf rehabilitation project. TSI Tri-State Painting LLC, which sued, was hired for the job by prime contractor Sauer Inc. But, after Sauer allegedly refused to compensate the subcontractor for additional costs…

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Teenager was not inducted into work on day of death, court hears – The Voice https://trial-jury.org/teenager-was-not-inducted-into-work-on-day-of-death-court-hears-the-voice/ Tue, 10 May 2022 12:06:31 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/teenager-was-not-inducted-into-work-on-day-of-death-court-hears-the-voice/

A young ground worker who died in an accident at a new housing estate was not inducted for the work he was doing that day, a jury heard.

Josh Disdel, 18, of Holbeach, was working in a manhole at the White Bridges site near St Thomas Drive, Boston, when he was hit by a van driven by a co-worker on Friday morning July 13, 2018.

The teenager, who had only a few weeks of labour, was taken to Boston Pilgrim Hospital but died later the same day after being transferred to Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham.

The Health and Safety Executive has since taken legal action.

A Lincoln Crown Court jury heard Lincolnshire Police initially began investigating the accident as a road traffic collision on the day of the crash.

A joint investigation was launched, but was later handed over to the health and safety manager after the matter was brought to their attention.

Lead Health and Safety Investigator Mark Welsh led the investigation for the Health and Safety Investigation after the incident was reported to them.

Testifying in Lincoln Crown Court, Mr Welsh confirmed that no induction had been carried out for the work carried out by Mr Disdel on the day of his accident, and that no written checklist had been completed.

The jury heard that Mr Disdel had received an induction at another site run by White Bridges main contractor, D.Brown (Building Contractors) Ltd) six weeks earlier on June 5, 2018.

Two people and a company are on trial at Lincoln Crown Court, charged with occupational health and safety violations.

A second company admitted breaching health and safety.

P&R Plant Hire (Lincolnshire) Ltd, which employed Mr Disdel and were core contractors on the development project, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to failing to ensure the occupational health and safety of the one of his employees.

Brent Woods, who was construction manager for P&R Plant Hire (Lincolnshire) Ltd, denies a single charge of failing to take reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of Josh Disdel.

D. Brown (Building Contractors) Ltd, who were the main contractors for the development project, denies failing to ensure the health and safety of anyone other than an employee.

Darrell Tripp, who was site manager for D. Brown on the White Bridges project, also denies failing to take reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of others.

Craig Hassall QC, prosecuting for the Health and Safety Executive, told the jury Mr Disdel was picked up by a colleague and taken to White Bridges where they were tasked with lifting the manhole covers on the new estate to clean the drains.

The jury heard that work on three manholes had been completed and Mr Disdel was lying with his body half way down a fourth manhole when their van was moved so another vehicle could use the road.

Mr Disdel, who was still working in the manhole, was trapped in the collision, Mr Hasall told the jury.

The prosecution alleged that the procedures put in place by all the companies had been abandoned by the time Mr Disdel carried out the work.

“The abandonment of these procedures cost the life of Josh Disdel”, alleged Mr. Hassall.

The trial continues.

Higher-than-expected job additions in April https://trial-jury.org/higher-than-expected-job-additions-in-april/ Fri, 06 May 2022 20:44:55 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/higher-than-expected-job-additions-in-april/

Pre-market futures are like seedlings with their first green shoots in the ground on new Employment Status report released this morning – aka the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Nonfarm Payrolls Report – where we saw better than expected jobs numbers for the month of April. A 428K stock beat the 400K analysts were looking for; the Unemployment rate remained equal to the previous month at 3.6%.

That 428,000 figure was also exactly in line with the March figure, which was revised down 3,000 positions, as February’s boffo jobs reports returned 36,000 from its 750,000 reported in the origin. So while we’re down slightly from the three-month average, it’s still the 12th consecutive month above 400,000 new jobs created, which is solid from a historical perspective.

Average hourly earnings was up +0.3% on the month, a little behind the +0.4% in March, and year-on-year it is +5.5% – a figure nice and meaty for the overall job pay. Also keep in mind that this was deliberately caused when the Fed delayed raising interest rates until inflation had already taken hold in the economy. So while inflation remains a major problem for the US economy, at least wage growth is heading in the right direction, even if it’s not keeping pace.

Labor Force Participation also slipped to 62.2% from a slightly lowered 62.4% the previous month. This means, of course, that less than 2/3 of able-bodied Americans are employed; before the pandemic, the participation rate was 63.4%, which is 120 basis points higher than today, but still not optimal. The average workweek reached 34.6 hours, while the U-6 (aka “real unemployment”) recorded another 10 basis points at 7.0% – still historically strong, but not heading in the right direction .

Of course, the fact that the bond market is stalling the market recovery from the Fed’s 50 basis point interest rate hike on Wednesday is the real short-term narrative. We are still experiencing bear market conditions, made more cruel by the possibility of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and not getting there. The jury is still out on whether we get a “soft landing” for the economy or slide into a recession.

By the way, those seedlings in the ground had already disappeared in the minutes before the opening bell: the Dow Jones rose from -75 points before the jobs report to +33 points a few minutes after, but it is now at -160 points. The S&P 500 is at -25 points at this time and the Nasdaq, after climbing +25 points on the release of the BLS report, is now -105 points ahead of the open.

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Man who shot UPS driver in Queens for parking lot job pleads guilty: DA https://trial-jury.org/man-who-shot-ups-driver-in-queens-for-parking-lot-job-pleads-guilty-da/ Fri, 06 May 2022 14:09:46 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/man-who-shot-ups-driver-in-queens-for-parking-lot-job-pleads-guilty-da/

QUEENS, NY — A man who shot a UPS driver in the stomach out of anger for his parking lot job in 2020 has pleaded guilty to attempted murder more than two years later, prosecutors announced Thursday.

Jahsheen Osbourne, 21, could spend 17 years in prison for the unprovoked shooting, which left the driver with “extensive internal damage”, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

“The prevalence of the use of illegal firearms to resolve disputes has led to a myriad of senseless shootings, including this one that could easily have cost the victim his life,” said prosecutor Melinda Katz.

“The driver was only doing his job when he was seriously injured due to the defendant’s impatience.”

On the afternoon of Jan. 14, 2020, the driver, a 15-year UPS veteran, momentarily halted traffic on a street in Woodhaven as he attempted to parallel park a UPS truck, prosecutors said. .

Osbourne, who at the time was sitting in the passenger seat of a stolen Mercedes Benz stuck behind the truck, became upset at the wait and began yelling at the UPS driver, prompting the worker to get out of the truck. truck and engage in a verbal argument, according to the prosecutor.

As the driver of the Mercedes Benz maneuvered the car past the truck, Osbourne pulled out a gun and shot the UPS worker in the stomach, the DA said.

The driver began bleeding from his stomach and lost consciousness, but was rushed to hospital and underwent life-saving surgery, prosecutors said.

Osbourne wasn’t arrested until October of that year – nearly nine months after the shooting – when police caught up to him outside his home, the Queens Post reported.

At the time, the South Jamaican resident was charged with marijuana and felony weapons, according to the Queens Post.

He was also charged with grand larceny in a separate indictment for stealing the Mercedes Benz hours before the shooting, the DA said.

More than a year after his arrest, Osbourne pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges of attempted murder, robbery and felony weapons; a plea agreement reached during jury selection for his trial, which satisfies all of his existing indictments, prosecutors said.

Supreme Court Justice Ira Margulis is expected to sentence Osbourne to 17 years in prison at a May 19 hearing, according to the DA.

Scientific Research Fellowship (BIPD) 026/2022 work with UNIVERSITY OF ALGARVE https://trial-jury.org/scientific-research-fellowship-bipd-026-2022-work-with-university-of-algarve/ Fri, 06 May 2022 09:47:25 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/scientific-research-fellowship-bipd-026-2022-work-with-university-of-algarve/

NOTICE No. 026/2022


A postdoctoral research grant

A call for tenders is now open for the award of a postdoctoral research grant within the framework of the MONITUR project – “Observation and monitoring of the tourist destination of the Algarve: contributions for its sustainable development, Ref. 72582-MONITUR (10ID00163), financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the operational program CRESC Algarve 2020, of Portugal2020, under the following conditions:

Scientific domain: Tourism.

Conditions of admission:

i) Hold a doctorate in tourism, or in related fields, obtained during the three years preceding the date of submission of the scholarship application and have a scientific and professional background revealing an appropriate profile for research and development to be executed;

ii) Have carried out the research work leading to the award of a doctorate in an entity other than the host of the scholarship (CinTurs);

iii) Have research experience in the study of residents’ attitudes and behaviors towards tourism.

In order to determine the most suitable profile for the activity to be developed, the following elements are preferred:

i) Experience of participating in research projects, particularly on residents’ attitudes and behaviors towards tourism;

ii) Experience of participating in research activities and studies in the scientific field of tourism;

iii) Experience in literature review on attitudes and behaviors of residents and tourists vis-à-vis tourism;

iv) Experience in collecting data through questionnaire surveys, personal interviews, residents and tourists;

v) Experience in the use of data analysis software (SPSS, Nvivo, Smart PLS or others);

vi) Experience in writing technical reports and scientific papers;

vii) Experience in supporting the organization of scientific events.

The field of Portuguese and English languages ​​will be preferential factors.

Workplan: The work plan includes the execution of the tasks foreseen in the activities of the project. The researcher will have to carry out the tasks inherent in the literature review planned as part of the project. The researcher will implement data collection through questionnaire surveys, personal interviews, with residents and tourists. The researcher will contribute to the preparation of the databases, will carry out the data analysis and will collaborate in the preparation of the technical and scientific presentations of the results, as well as in the drafting of the technical and progress reports of the project. The researcher must contribute to the elaboration of scientific articles with the results of the project. The researcher will have to organize workshops with stakeholders, planned as part of the project, as well as seminars and scientific meetings to present the results.

Applicable legislation and regulations: Status of Scientific Researcher, approved by Law No. 40/2004, of August 18, conferred by Decree-Law 123/2019, of July 28 and the University of Algarve. (https://files.dre.pt/2s/2021/10/210000000/0013700149.pdf).

work place: The work will be carried out at the CinTurs (Centre for Research on Tourism, Sustainability and Wellbeing) of the University of Algarve, Campus Gambelas, Faro, under the scientific direction of Professor Jo o Albino Matos da Silva.

Duration of the grant: The scholarship will have a duration of 10 months, scheduled to start on June 1, 2022. The scholarship contract can be renewed until the end of the project, which is scheduled for 03/31/2023. The maximum duration of the grant is 3 years, taking into account the regulations on research grants of the UAlg. (https://files.dre.pt/2s/2021/10/210000000/0013700149.pdf)

Amount of the monthly maintenance allowance: The monthly alimony corresponds to 1686 euros. Alimony will be paid monthly by bank transfer. (https://files.dre.pt/2s/2021/10/210000000/0013700149.pdf)

The selection criteria will be as follows: In accordance with the provisions of article 11, no. 2 of the University of Algarve Research Grant Regulations, the evaluation of applicants will focus solely on the following criteria: evaluation of scientific and curricular training, assessed on a scale of 0 to 20 (60% for academic training and 40% for experience in research activities).

The evaluation process may include an interview to be held by the top 3 candidates in the curriculum evaluation, which will have a weight of 20%. Candidates not selected for interview will have a 100% weighting in all other evaluation criteria. The final candidate ranking system is expressed on a scale of 0 to 20, with a final mark to the nearest tenth.

The tender jury is made up of the following members: The bid evaluation jury is made up of three effective members and one substitute member:

– Professor Doutor Jo o Albino Matos da Silva (President);

– Professor Doutor Lu s Miguel Soares Nobre de Noronha e Pereira (Full Member);

– Professor Doutor Jorge Miguel Lopo Gon alves Andraz (Full Member);

– Professor Doutor Rui Jos Cunha Sousa Nunes (alternate member).

Publication and notification of results: The final results will be published by means of an ordered list according to the final mark and displayed in a conspicuous and public place of the building of CinTurs (Research Center for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being), of the University of the Algarve, and communicated to the candidates by e-mail to the addresses indicated by each candidate.

Deadline for applications and submission forms: the call is open from 05/05/2022 to 18/05/2022.

Applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

-Official ID (simple copy or legal equivalent). If you have a nationality other than Portuguese, you must present a residence permit, permanent residence certificate or long-term resident status, valid on the start date of the scholarship, each of which can be replaced, in its absence, by a declaration of commitment. However, one of the previous ones must be issued during the contracting phase, under penalty of forfeiture of the grant;

-Copy of the qualification certificates of the university degrees held, specifying the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all the subjects taken;

– If the doctorate was issued by a foreign higher education institution, it must comply with the rules established in Legislative Decree no. 66/2018 of August 16, and all required formalities must be completed by the termination deadline for submitting the application. If the completed process is not found before the end of the application period, the candidate must prove that he has applied for recognition of the diploma.

-Curriculum vitae;

-Passport or identity card for European applicants (copy);

-Tax identification number (NIF), if you have a nationality other than Portuguese, it must be submitted during the scholarship contracting phase, under penalty of forfeiture of the scholarship;

– A motivation letter, in which the candidate explains the reasons for his application, presenting his scientific/professional background and its articulation with the work he intends to develop in the research project;

-Other documents deemed relevant to the type and modality of the grant.

-The Candidacy Application, dated and signed, must be addressed to the President of the Evaluation Jury (https://www.ualg.pt/sites/default/files/documentos/2021-06/anexo-iiirequerimento-para-candidatura-bolsa20200601.pdf) for the following address: CinTurs (Research Center for Tourism, Sustainability and Wellbeing), University of Algarve, Faculty of Economics, Building 9, Gambelas Campus, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal, Ref . 72582-MONITUR (10ID00163) or by e-mail to jsilva@ualg.pt. If the application is sent by e-mail, the candidate must duly express his consent that all notifications concerning this application be sent to the e-mail address indicated.

Subsidy contract documents:

– Supporting documents certifying that the candidate meets all the conditions required for this scholarship, namely the certificate of registration for a degree course or for postgraduate training;

– Declaration of the supervisor taking responsibility for the supervision of the work plan, in accordance with article 5 -A of the status of the scientific researcher, as well as ensuring the conditions necessary for the development of the work plan and in accordance with the article 13 of the status of Scientific Research Officer;

-Declaration of acceptance of the grant;

-Declaration of commitment specifying the exclusivity regime.

Complaints and appeals Deadlines and procedures:

On the decision to grant the research grant, the candidates may, if they wish, make observations on the hearing of the interested parties, within 10 working days, under the conditions provided for by the code of administrative procedure. .

Of the practice or omission of any act of the evaluation jury, candidates may lodge a complaint with the authority, within 10 working days.

The final decision of the evaluation committee can be appealed to the rector within 15 working days of the respective notification.

Scholarship contract

With the selected candidate(s) and after receiving all the required documentation, a scholarship contract will be signed.

Evaluation of the scholarship holder(s)

At the end of each period of the scholarship contract, the activity developed by the scholarship holder(s) is evaluated by the supervisor, by applying the following criteria, in accordance with the attached model:

a) Achievement of objectives – this component aims to assess the level of achievement of results by the recipient, given the agreed activity plan and schedule of activities (60%);

b) Behavioral Competencies – this component aims to assess the personal characteristics highlighted during the assessment period (20%);

c) Personal attitude – this component aims to assess the personal commitment and availability shown during the evaluation period, taking into account factors such as the effort put in, as well as the interest and motivation shown (20 %).

The University of Algarve reserves the right to cancel this application procedure if, by any means, the celebration of the contract with the funding entity is not established.

University of Algarve, May 2, 2022

Scientific coordinator


Doubter Lu s Nobre Pereira

Former DOJ prosecutor in misconduct case loses Fed. Circ. Bid for the job https://trial-jury.org/former-doj-prosecutor-in-misconduct-case-loses-fed-circ-bid-for-the-job/ Thu, 05 May 2022 00:37:00 +0000 https://trial-jury.org/former-doj-prosecutor-in-misconduct-case-loses-fed-circ-bid-for-the-job/
By Khorri Atkinson (May 4, 2022, 8:37 p.m. EDT) — The Federal Circuit on Wednesday denied reinstatement of a former prosecutor for the Western District of Virginia who involuntarily resigned amid an internal investigation into his alleged sexual relationship with the subject or target of a grand jury investigation, finding that she had missed crucial filing deadlines.

A three-judge panel upheld the Merit Systems Protection Board’s June 2021 order dismissing former Assistant U.S. Attorney Ashley B. Neese’s administrative appeal of her 2018 resignation as premature because she missed the window 30 days to appeal an agency action to the board.

Neese had appealed her resignation more than two years after being fired, and…

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