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A WOMAN who was sexually assaulted as a child by her brother-in-law confronted the man in court, saying his betrayal had traumatized her. The 37-year-old central Victorian-era man was stoic when the woman told county court she was the “strongest and most confident little girl” before the abuse. “You left me mentally crippled and completely broken,” the woman told the man on Monday. “You stole my childhood. I’ll never get it back.” Read more court: Prison for the man who attacked his partner in Bendigo A county court jury last month found the man guilty of indecent acts with a child under 16 and of sexual penetration of a child under the age of 16. the man started abusing his sister-in-law when the girl was about 10 years old and he was in her early 20s. He and his wife – the girl’s sister – lived on the same property as the 10-year-old. In the first abuse, the girl was massaging the man’s back when he told her to massage her legs. He kept telling the girl to raise her hands higher before grabbing one of his and placing it on her groin. The girl withdrew her hand and moved away from the bed. He told the 10-year-old not to tell anyone because it was just an accident. About a month later, the man drove the girl to a rural area. He allowed her to drive his vehicle, asking her to sit on his lap while she used the steering wheel. The man first held the girl by the waist before starting to sexually assault her. The girl maneuvered the car in a deliberate attempt to crash it into a hollow in the road. The man applied both the foot brake and the hand brake, causing the vehicle to skid to the side. After the vehicle stopped moving, the girl told the man she no longer wanted to drive and settled back into the passenger seat. A few months later, the girl helped her sister to babysit the couple’s newborn daughter. When the 10-year-old girl’s sister left to help with some of the farm chores, the girl took care of the baby with the man. Read more court: Castlemaine man will not be jailed for helping his father kill himself They were all lying on a bed, with the baby between them, when the 10-year-old fell asleep. The girl woke up with the man lying behind her in a “spoon” position. The girl froze and pretended she was still sleeping. The man sexually assaulted the girl. Court documents say the girl remained in tears throughout the assault. The latest incident happened about four years later when the girl’s parents were away. She was sleeping in her parents’ bed when the naked man positioned himself behind her. He put his arm around her chest before sexually assaulting her. The 14-year-old yelled at the man to get rid of her, but he told her to go back to sleep. The girl was crying as she moved away from him. The man stood up, apologized and told him not to tell anyone. After the incident, the girl disclosed the abuse to her cousin. Her cousin informed her school, which then passed the information on to the girl’s parents. The family of the 14-year-old decided to process the disclosure internally, in an attempt to prevent the man from taking his wife and young daughter away as he had threatened. The family had a meeting to deal with the complaint, where the young girl refused to disclose further the matter and even asked what she needs to do to continue her relationship with her sister and niece. The girl was eventually forced to apologize to the accused in person. A few years later, the man called the victim where he apologized for the offense and apologized for his conduct. When the girl’s sister separated from the man, the victim felt comfortable revealing the abuse to the police. Read other court: Lease denied for man charged with carjacking offenses The victim read a statement in county court on Monday. She held back tears as she spoke of her trauma. “You let me look you in the face and say sorry,” the woman said. “It was one of the lowest times of my life.” I don’t think I’ve ever felt so empty. For so many years, I was forced to hide the pain. I trusted you like a brother and you broke my heart. “The girl’s mother also read a victim impact statement. She said she had the” overwhelming feeling of heartbreaking guilt. ” He betrayed my family in the most evil way, “the woman said. Defense lawyer Emma Strugnell said the court’s character references spoke of the man’s” caring and genuine nature. ” The defense lawyer also admitted that the man who brought the case to court, he would not receive any discount for his plea. Judge Greg Lyon praised the victim for his integrity and courage in reading of his statement in court. Judge Lyon adjourned the sentencing hearing to a date yet to be determined. The 37-year-old has been remanded in custody. 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