Court dismisses ex-Chicago officer’s efforts to get his job back

CHICAGO (AP) — A court has dismissed a former Chicago police officer’s efforts to get his job back after he was fired for his role in the shooting death of a bystander.

The Illinois appeals court ruled Friday that the disciplinary proceedings were fair and there was cause for the dismissal, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday.

Quintonio LeGrier was having a nervous breakdown in 2015 when then-officer Robert Rialmo and his partner arrived at the scene of the disturbance. Bettie Jones, 55, admitted police to the apartment building where LeGrier, 19, had a dispute with her father.

Rialmo claimed LeGrier was attacking him with a bat when he fired, killing him and Jones. Investigators questioned whether LeGrier swung the bat. The Chicago Police Board determined that Rialmo could have repositioned himself to avoid shooting Jones.

Rialmo was fired in 2019. His attorneys filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court, claiming the board’s decision was arbitrary and capricious. The lawsuit asked that the decision be reversed and that Rialmo be reinstated with back pay.

A Cook County judge dismissed that lawsuit in 2020, upholding Rialmo’s dismissal, according to the newspaper.

In 2018, a Chicago City Council committee gave the go-ahead for a $16 million payment to Jones’ family. A jury had awarded LeGrier’s family $1.05 million in a wrongful death lawsuit, but a judge overturned it, noting that jurors also found Rialmo feared for his life.

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