Court testimony: 14-year-old not target of Cheshire Drive shooting

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Five of the six people charged with the February murder of a 14-year-old boy were in court on Wednesday afternoon.

All five face murder charges. According to testimony in the courtroom, the teenager was not the intended target of the shooting, and mobile police believe three people fired the shots.

Kelvin Estell, Ryan Kidd, Kentrell Freeman, Deontae Kimbrough and Teriana Thompson were all in the courtroom, Sidney Collins is currently in federal custody and was not transported to the courtroom.

Prosecutors painted their case against the six in the courtroom they believe three people fired the shots that killed 14-year-old Daniel Blackmon.

Blackmon was killed on February 15 on Cheshire Drive South. In court, a mobile police detective said at least 37 rounds were recovered from the scene of the shooting. There’s video of the shooting from a house across the street. The mobile police detective testified that he saw an SUV drive back and forth on Cheshire Drive several times before coming to a stop and three people got out of the car. The detective testified after the three people, all passengers in the car, got out of the car, the video then shows gunshots. But the detective says you can’t see who is shooting.

According to police, the SUV belonged to Ryan Kidd’s mother. The detective said Blackmon had been shot at least five times and once to the head.

They said Blackmon was standing on the porch at the time of the shooting and the intended target was inside. The violence may have gang links, the detective said in court there was no evidence of the intended target and the suspects knew each other other than people saying they belonged to separate gangs .

One of the people in the court gallery on Wednesday was kicked out of the courtroom for throwing gang signs at the end of the hearing.

The judge sent the five files of the suspects in court Wednesday afternoon to a grand jury. No word on when Collins will have his hearing.

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