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Today’s New York Times article on the funky pandemic
job titles (“Chief Heart Officer” “Head of Dynamic Work” and “Vice President of Flexible Work” to name a few) highlighted some new roles the pandemic has spurred. The article also reminds us why job titles are important. Yes, job titles must indicate what the worker does. They also implicitly convey authority, role within the organization, and scope of responsibility. From a legal perspective, job titles are important because they also provide important information on complex legal issues such as overtime eligibility and worker status (as an employee or independent contractor) and job titles drive compensation decisions. The growing movement in many states toward pay transparency and requiring disclosure of pay ranges in job postings makes job titles even more relevant, especially for compensation professionals tasked with gathering and post the posts. So what is the salary range of a Chief Heart Officer? We may have to wait to find out until the next job ad.

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