Ex-Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano heads to jail after appeals court rejects his bail offer

Former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano will head to jail after a Manhattan federal appeals court on Tuesday denied his bail request as he appealed his bribery conviction.

Mangano, 60, should be incarcerated in a federal prison in Massachusetts, according to John Marzulli, spokesman for the Eastern District Attorney’s Office.

The spokesman said after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit released its decision denying bail on Tuesday that Mangano should turn himself in immediately to begin his 12-year prison sentence.

“If he can’t get there by the end of the day today, he has to be there tomorrow,” Marzulli said in an email to Newsday on Tuesday afternoon.


  • Former Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano is heading to jail after a federal appeals court in Manhattan on Tuesday denied his bail request as he appealed his bribery conviction.

  • Mangano is scheduled to surrender to begin his 12-year prison term at a Massachusetts prison known as FMC Devens. The three-sentence Second Circuit order provided no indication of when he surrendered.

  • U.S. District Judge Joan Azrack told him to surrender by 5 p.m. Wednesday in an order later Tuesday.

  • Mangano’s surrender comes nearly six years after he was arrested in October 2016 while serving at the top of the Nassau County government.

Mangano’s attorney, Kevin Keating, said the defense was awaiting further direction from the court regarding the timing of the former county executive’s surrender.

The three-sentence Second Circuit order provided no indication of when Mangano surrendered.

But U.S. District Judge Joan Azrack, who sentenced Mangano in April, told him to surrender at 5 p.m. Wednesday in an order later Tuesday. She turned down a request from Keating to let Mangano go on Friday.

However, Azrack’s order also appeared to leave room for the Second Circuit to rule on when to surrender.

“The Court finds that it does not have jurisdiction over this request because this matter is now on appeal to the Second Circuit. To the extent that this Court has jurisdiction over this request, the Court orders Mangano to surrender by 5:00 p.m. on Sept. 14, 2022,” Azrack’s decision said.

Mangano’s wife, former Nassau County First Lady Linda Mangano, 59, began her 15-month prison term on Friday at a minimum-security satellite camp at a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut , after his bail pending appeal offers also fell through.

In 2019, a jury convicted the spouses in a corruption case linked to politically linked ex-restaurateur Harendra Singh – a longtime friend of the family.

Edward Mangano’s lawyer vowed on Tuesday that the former Republican leader would continue to fight to prove his innocence after his surrender to a Massachusetts prison.

“We are disappointed. But we remain confident that after a full briefing on these matters and a thorough review of the trial record, Ed Mangano’s narrow conviction will be overturned,” Keating said in a statement to Newsday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office did not comment further on the court’s decision on Tuesday. Prosecutors had opposed Mangano’s bail offers during his appeal.

The Massachusetts prison, known as FMC Devens, has 963 inmates. Located in the town of Ayer, about 35 miles northwest of Boston, the prison has a minimum-security satellite camp adjacent to its Federal Medical Center.

The medical facility is where former Oyster Bay Town Planning and Development Commissioner Frederick Ippolito died in June 2017 aged 78 while appealing his conviction for tax evasion.

Mangano’s surrender will come nearly six years after he was arrested in October 2016 while serving at the top of the Nassau County government.

His release will also follow four postponements of his incarceration amid two failed attempts to stay out on bail as he challenges the bribery conviction that followed a mistrial in 2018 and a retrial in 2019 in district court. American from Central Islip.

The jury found him guilty of conspiracy to bribe under a federal program, bribery under a federal program, conspiracy to commit wire fraud honest services, honest services wire fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The same panel found Linda Mangano guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice and two counts of lying to the FBI.

Singh testified in a co-op deal with the prosecution that he lavished bribes on Edward Mangano that included free meals and holidays, furniture, flooring and ‘not shown’ work $454,000 for Linda Mangano in her business.

In its verdict, the jury decided that Edward Mangano used his influence as newly elected county executive to influence Oyster Bay town officials to indirectly support $20 million in loans for Singh, a dealer of the city, after a city attorney said it was illegal. .

The jury also found that the Manganos conspired to obstruct a grand jury investigation by conspiring with Singh to fabricate examples of work Linda Mangano allegedly did for her now-defunct restaurant empire.

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