EXCLUSIVE: Activist group speaks out after DC police find 5 aborted fetuses inside member’s home

On Wednesday, DC police officers made a shocking discovery when they found five aborted fetuses at the home of pro-life activist Lauren Handy.

The discovery occurred around noon Wednesday when officers responded to a report of biohazard material being stored at a residence in the 400 block of SE 6th Street in Capitol Hill. Upon arrival, officers located five aborted fetuses inside the activist’s home. The remains were collected by DC’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, according to WUSA9.

Lauren Handy, along with eight other people, was indicted in a separate incident by a federal grand jury on Wednesday following a blockade inside a DC abortion clinic in October 2020. Handy, who is the director of activism at a left-leaning nonprofit called Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, is charged with criminal conspiracy against rights, according to court documents.

The charges include violations of a federal law known as the Free Clinic Entrance Access Act, or the FACE Lawwhich prohibits physically obstructing or using the threat of force to intimidate or interfere with a person seeking reproductive health services.

Handy declined to speak on camera to WUSA9 who was first on the scene, but told the outlet that she expected the raid to happen “sooner or later” and said “people would panic when they learned” of the discovery.

Handy gave The post-millennium a declaration from PAAU with shocking details regarding the possession of the five aborted fetuses found at the activist’s home.

According to Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, “Prior to the arrest, one of the defendants privately arranged for the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Homicide Unit to collect five recently discovered late-abortion babies for medical examination. legal.”

“Their late gestational ages as well as their apparent sustained injuries potentially show violations of the Partial Abortion Act as well as the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which are federal crimes,” the group alleged.

Attorney Steve Cooley of Steve Cooley & Associates sent a letter to DC Chief Medical Examiner Francisco Diaz and MPD Homicide Captain Carlos Heraud informing them that his client was in possession of suspected late-term aborted fetuses.

“Dear Doctor Diaz and Captain Heraud,” the letter read. “I am an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of California and in all federal courts. I was contacted by an entity that recently came into the possession of [omitted] fetus. The fetuses were provided by a whistleblower whose identity is unknown. It appears that some of the fetuses were the result of late abortions or possibly live birth abortions. The fetuses are currently in Washington, DC.”

“The purpose of this communication is to notify the appropriate authorities of this situation and to request that an investigation and forensic examinations be undertaken as required by applicable law,” Cooley concluded.

DC Police Executive Assistant. Police Chief Ashan M. Benedict said at a press conference Thursday that the fetuses appeared to have been aborted according to DC law and the only offense committed was “…how they got into this house”.

Benedict said the investigation that led officers to Handy’s home was separate from the federal investigation that resulted in his indictment on Wednesday. Handy was arrested by the FBI Wednesday morning in connection with the 2020 incident and was released following the indictment.

Founder and Executive Director of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), Terrisa Bukovinac, said: “We are aware that the Metropolitan Police Department has stated that they do not believe a crime has been committed against these babies. under DC law. matter are the federal laws enforced by the United States Department of Justice.”

According to the press release sent to The post-millenniumthe anti-abortion organization said the defendants and the whistleblowers who came into possession of the fetuses are related.

“The whistleblowers who received the fetuses and the defendants arrested by the FBI are related. They will be present at the press conference,” the statement read. “A funeral mass and ‘baptism ceremony’ was offered for the deceased babies – with the babies present, at which each child was named.”

According to PAAU, the group will address the incident and how they came into possession of the aborted fetuses at a press conference Tuesday at 11:00 a.m., located in DC at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey NW.

Just a few weeks ago, on March 9, Lauren Handy and other PAAU members gained access to the Birth Defects Research Laboratory at the University of Washington School of Medicine, where they allegedly found aborted fetuses stored in paper bags.

Handy discussed the matter in a March 23 Facebook post and said, “On March 9, myself and other activists gained access to the University of Washington’s fetal organ labs and freezers. We have seen bags full of aborted baby body parts that will be used in experiments all over universities in America.”

“It was very necessary to process what we were all seeing,” Handy continued. “Shock, anger, disgust and overwhelming sense of acute grief – rows and rows of bags full of dead babies. For me, it was too much. Complete sensory overload. I wanted to die.

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information becomes available.

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