Federal grand jury charges Nicholas Roske with conspiring to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh


Prosecutors say Nicholas Roske was upset by the mass shooting in Texas that killed 19 children and feared Judge Brett Kavanaugh would relax requirements for gun owners. File photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI | License picture

June 16 (UPI) — A federal grand jury has indicted a California man with attempted murder after he traveled across the country and showed up near the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh carrying a gun, knife and pepper spray.

The Maryland Grand Jury returned the one-count indictment Wednesday against Nicholas John Roske of Simi Valley, Calif.

Prosecutors say Roske, 26, traveled from California to Maryland to murder Kavanaugh. Instead, he was captured near the judge’s home last week. Police said he himself called 911.

According to the charge – attempt to kill a United States judge – Roske planned to kill Kavanaugh and then himself. Police said Roske was upset by the leaked opinion which indicates the High Court plans to overturn the landmark case Roe v Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide.

Officials said Roske was also upset by the mass shooting that killed 19 children at a Texas elementary school last month and feared Kavanaugh would take legal action to ease requirements for gun owners.

The indictment says Roske was carrying a gun, two bullet magazines, 17 rounds of ammunition in a plastic bag, a quick loader and other items.

Prosecutors say Roske told police he was looking for a way to sacrifice his life for a noble purpose. He settled on Kavanaugh after finding the judge’s home address on the internet.

This week, the House passed a bill to provide federal security for the families of all Supreme Court justices. The Senate approved the bill last month.

Roske’s initial court appearance has yet to be announced.

Abortion rights supporters gather at City Hall in Orlando, Florida before joining the Bans Off Our Bodies march on Saturday. Photo by Chris Chew/UPI | License picture

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