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MATTOON — The basketball game scheduled for tonight between Eastern Normal High School and Mattoon has been rescheduled for Saturday night as the Eastern Normal court is not ready to play. The match will be played Saturday night after Mattoon’s match with Nokomis. The matches should be quite a challenge for Mattoon, winless in games against Bethany and Shelbyville. The Eastern Normal High team barely lost to the fast Charleston High School team by a score of 19-16 last night. Charleston High also defeated Shelbyville… CHARLESTON – Public schools in Charleston will be so overcrowded next semester that Superintendent Anderson has been cleared by the school board to try and secure rooms somewhere uptown for oversized students . Three new freshman classes will begin the second semester as only five students graduate from high school… CHARLESTON — The Eastern Illinois State Teachers College has just completed the installation of a motion picture machine and screen. In order to provide housing for the machine, a fireproof booth was built outside the assembly hall on the south side of the building, with the images projected through a window onto a large screen which hangs against the north wall at the rear of the chamber platform assembly. The most modern equipment will allow the college to project films with the ease and precision of a cinema and should constitute an additional attraction for the great institution.

CHARLESTON – The year 1971 saw the number of births in Coles County rise again after a steep decline in the early 1960s. More marriages were also registered at the Coles County Clerk’s Office in 1971 than in during the previous six years. Figures for 1971 include 1,100 births, 562 deaths and 528 marriages. In 1965 the number of births was 977 and in 1969 a decade low of 924 births was recorded. Marriages fell from 455 in 1965 to 432 in 1966, but have increased every year since. The average number of deaths for the years 1965-1971 is 572.6, so the total of 562 deaths in 1971 is below average… CHARLESTON – The Coles County Jail has failed its second consecutive annual state inspection. Of 11 categories scored, prison was deemed “unacceptable by standards” in six. The Illinois Department of Corrections report said the findings supported a grand jury’s report that Coles County needed a “proper jail” immediately. Unacceptable standards exist in the prison in terms of construction and equipment, medical/health services, sanitation and health and safety. He was rated as ‘poor’ in food service and in correctional services/programs… CHARLESTON – Tuesday was ‘the most glorious day of my life,’ John M. Gerhardt of Charleston said of the reaction to his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. Gerhardt, 77, a retired painting and decorating contractor, said he announced he was sending letters to several newspapers. The snowball campaign progressed to interviews with the Chicago Daily News, the United Press International news service, a Rockford radio station and a Champaign television station. Gerhardt said he was running “to break the monotony that retirement brings to one who has led an active life.”

CHARLESTON – Coles County has emerged as the regional employment center for East Central Illinois, with the county making significant gains in jobs created and personal income. Figures provided by an Ohio company show that total employment for Coles County is 33,422. That’s an increase of 6,849 jobs between 1984 and 1994, according to the Columbus Alliance of Strategic Planners, Ohio. Coles County’s 17% increase in jobs from 1989 to 1994 compares to Illinois’ 5% growth and the nation’s 6% growth. Of the 19 largest employers in the Seven Counties area, 15 are located in Coles County. Eastern Illinois University’s 1,900 employees top the list, followed by RR Donnelley with 1,300, Trailmobile with 1,200, Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center with 950, all at Coles. White Industries in Arthur is fifth with 770… MATTOON – On a bitterly cold Sunday, one lucky family had their warm new home built by Habitat for Humanity consecrated with prayers and congratulations. The home, located at 812 N. 11th St., Mattoon, is the sixth home in the county built through the efforts of Coles County Habitat for Humanity and the fourth in Mattoon. The house is owned by Penny Jarvis and her family. An estimated 60 to 75 volunteers from area churches, businesses, and the Habitat chapter of Eastern Illinois University helped with construction.

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