Global Cosmed SA: Capital Group debuts in Polityka’s CSR leave list

The dynamic and consistent actions of Global Cosmed SA in terms of sustainable growth were appreciated by the jury of the 11th edition of Polityka’s SCR Leaves initiative. The sustainable growth strategy adopted, the extra-financial report drawn up in compliance with the best market practices and the widely deployed circular economy activities have been rewarded with Polityka’s CSR White Sheet awarded by the editorial team of Polityka Weekly, the consulting firm Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum.

For more than a decade, a panel of experts has been rewarding Polish leaders for sustainable growth. As highlighted by the editorial team, companies on the list are now better prepared and adapted to regulatory requirements regarding the management of environmental, social and corporate governance factors. Climate change, the war in Ukraine and the pandemic have shown us the importance of change and implementing responsible solutions that contribute to long-term business resilience. No company or government can manage existing and future changes alone. A joint improvement of ESG standards is necessary. The following companies are among the winners: BNP Paribas Bank, Lidl, LPP, Orange Polska, Solaris, PKN Orlen or Cola-Cola HBC Polska.

Earlier this year, Global Cosmed Capital Group adopted the Sustainable Growth Strategy – a document summarizing the ESG management path already implemented and setting its most crucial future directions. Following this, a body responsible for implementing the provisions of the strategy was appointed – the ESG Council. Workgroup administrators are working to meet this year’s goals in the areas of environment, business and employee governance. Detailed information on the responsible management approach was presented in the extra-financial report drawn up in accordance with the GRI standard. The content includes, among other things, information on the activities implemented in the field of preserving the highest quality products, the pro-environmental approach to the design and production of cosmetics and household chemistry at Global Cosmed or in terms of employees.

“Global Cosmed’s management’s deep commitment to achieving ESG objectives is proof of an extremely serious approach to the issue. On the one hand, we see them as a chance to develop a competitive advantage and comply with stringent legal regulations to come. On the other hand on the other hand, we are deeply convinced that climate and social changes can no longer be ignored; they have accelerated at an immense rate and the changes being implemented are so abrupt and exaggerated that only a proactive policy to address them is the right one and, to put it simply, a decent way to behave. Companies like ours have a wide range of solutions that help stop negative climate change. What we need , it’s consistency in their implementation, a long-term plan and the commitment of the whole team” – commented Magdalena Mielimonka, Vice-Chairman of the Board Board responsible for implementing the ESG strategy.

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