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Thank you, Fort Madison City Council, for turning down HR Green’s ridiculous request. Many entrepreneurs think government entities are a breeze because it’s not their money they’re spending.

If I see a council member, I’m going to shake his hand. It doesn’t mean a lot, but if everyone is thanking their representative, I think it means a lot.

On another note, I received a letter from the City of Fort Madison on February 1 directing me to reduce a nuisance by February 4 or suffer the consequences. Does the word retaliation come to mind?

I appealed and had a conversation with the head of that department and it was decided to re-examine the issue once the snow cleared. Before I reduce anything they will have to give me constitutional due process and in court I will plead my case to a jury of my peers.

I think they’re trying to kick me out of town. That means the mayor will have to bring in 1,002 new residents because my son said he was going south with me. One phone call to Kamala Harris and he could have his quota in two days. I don’t know what income class it is aimed at, but after requesting and receiving the criteria/guidelines for planning and zoning nuisances, these would be those who do nothing on their property other than mow and trim.

To be fair to a family considering moving here, the mayor should ask planning and zoning to give them a copy of this very comprehensive list. Make sure they start off on the right foot and don’t have any of that “well, we didn’t know” nonsense.

I think fixing the reason for the exodus would be a priority, because putting in place attractive things like low taxes, low public services, new schools, etc. doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s agenda. It has been reported that our children at school were too hot last summer and freezing in the recent past. Shame on us. I wonder if it was hot in the depot.

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