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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A day after a federal judge struck down several parts of a controversial Florida voting law, attention is turning to those working to get people to vote.

“It’s a challenge for a lot of people not to think their vote matters, they feel like in communities like this in black and brown communities across the state, things don’t change,” Andrea Cristina Mercado, executive director of Florida Rising Together told CBS 4.

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The group aims to improve economic and racial equity, part of which is giving people a voice in their local elections, which is why the group sends out canvassers to register new voters.

In Judge Mark Walker’s ruling, he ordered authorities to no longer limit the use of drop boxes that are not manned 24/7, he also ended the no-go zone. solicitation around polling stations and the requirement that third-party groups warn people that their application may not be delivered in time. All of this, in some cases, limited what Florida Rising Together Solicitors could do.

“People queuing, especially old people waiting there in the rain, sometimes it’s sunny, they wait 2-3 hours and try to vote and we can’t even offer them a bottle of water , it’s not fair,” Michelle Davis said one canvasser.

Proponents argued that SB 90 was necessary for election integrity.

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“We did a wonderful bill signing for this great election bill,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said at a recent press conference.

Mercado disagrees.

“I think Judge Walker’s ruling responded to 20 years of voting policy that says it wasn’t meant to be discriminatory, but when you look at the results it was discriminatory.”

After a small party this morning, the canvassers resumed work.

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“I think this decision shows that in a place like Florida we can prevail, so we’re hopeful and optimistic that the future looks bright for our democracy,” Mercado added.

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