Group of Colorado Republican primary losers seek funds to demand recount

As time is running out to demand a recount of the Colorado primary election, the Republican candidates who lost held a fundraising event in Colorado Springs on Sunday night. The event, “Colorado Recount Fundraiser”, included several losing contestants.

During the event, speakers invited attendees and live viewers to visit the Colorado Recount Coalition website to donate to the contestants. The site lists nine candidates, including Tina Peters and Ron Hanks, election conspiracy theorists who deny the results of the 2020 presidential election. Peters, the Mesa County Clerk, was running for Secretary of State and Hanks was a candidate for the United States Senate. They previously filed a request for a recount at the Secretary of State’s office, but did not provide funds for the effort in time.

“We know they cheated,” Peters said at the event. Claims that the results of the primary election were compromised have not been substantiated.

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The Colorado Recount Coalition’s website says candidates will “demand” a manual recount of the June 28 primary. But a manual recount is not possible, according to Annie Orloff, spokeswoman for Secretary of State Jena Griswold. A recount can still be requested through Tuesday, but must be conducted in the same manner as the original election, which was tallied using tabulation machines, Orloff said.

Although Peters and Hanks have already submitted recount requests, asking again will start the process all over again. Candidates must submit a notarized request for a recount by Tuesday. Once the application has been processed, applicants will be informed of the cost of the effort.

Peters, who spoke virtually at the event on Sunday, asked the couples to donate $2,500 each to raise $250,000 for a recount.

“In this Biden economy, your wallet won’t help you,” Peters said. “Your money is going to disappear. You might as well invest it now.

Last week, Peters was arrested and released on bail from the Pitkin County Jail after contacting Mesa County Chief Electoral Officer Brandi Bantz for an election recount. Peters has no right to contact Bantz under his orders. grand jury indictment for allegedly facilitating a security breach in the Mesa County election office.

Hanks said at the fundraising event that more was going on in the recount effort than fundraising. But, he added, he could not reveal everything for security reasons.

Other Colorado Recount Coalition candidates and the offices they were running for include Summer Groubert, State House District 18; David Winney, El Paso County Commissioner, District 5; Todd Watkins, El Paso County Sheriff; Lindsay Moore, El Paso County Commissioner, District 1; Lynda Zamora, Colorado Senate District 9; Peter Lupia, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder; and El Paso County Coroner Rae Ann Weber.

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