Hernia Mesh trial ends with $250,000 jury prize in Ohio

A jury has awarded $250,000 to Antonio M., a man who needed multiple surgeries after developing serious problems with his Ventralex hernia patch.

The Ventralex hernia patch was implanted in July 2007. He says he needed several “surgeries” due to issues with the patch, including infection and an intestinal abscess, which required a second surgery in 2017.

After an 18-day trial, a federal jury in Columbus, Ohio awarded him $250,000 in compensation, finding that CR Bard and Davol Inc. were negligent for selling a faulty-designed medical device.

It was the second “indicator” trial in multi-district litigation (MDL) with nearly 16,700 cases, making it the 3rd largest MDL in the nation. Another 10,000 lawsuits are coordinated in Rhode Island state court.

Plaintiffs allege that the mesh products have caused infections, pain, inflammation and other problems due to the use of polypropylene, a synthetic material that degrades when implanted in the body.

In September, Bard and Davol won the first landmark lawsuit, when another Ohio jury found no corporate liability for a man who claimed he was injured by the Ventralight ST hernia mesh.

The Multi-District Litigation (MDL 2846) is before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio – In re: Davol Inc./CR Bard Inc. Polypropylene Hernia Mesh Product Liability Litigation.

Source: CR Bard Reaches $250,000 Verdict in 2nd Hernia Mesh Bellwether

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