Indictments and Court Dates Await Subjects Charged with Child Sex Crimes in Franklin County

The five men arrested in Franklin County on Nov. 29 on various child sex abuse charges face arraignment or other court dates.

Travis Hedrick, 31, Gray Summit; Kodey Struckhoff, 18, Union; Dylan Downey, 25, St. Clair; Brett Valley, 23, Bourbon, and Christopher Stein, 31, New Haven, were all arrested Nov. 29.

Many of them were indicted by a grand jury on November 12.

What follows is an update on each topic.

Hedrick: charged with first-degree statutory rape and incitement of a child under 15. Hedrick remains in custody on $100,000 bond. His hearing was canceled on January 10. His lawyer requested a bail reduction.

Struckhoff: charged with sexual misconduct involving a child under 15. His bail was set at $25,000 and he was released the day of his arrest. Struckhoff’s arraignment is scheduled for February 1.

Downey: charged with fourth-degree pedophilia and incitement to a child. Downey was released on $100,000 bond. However, he had charges against him in Crawford County for driving a vehicle without a license, a Class E felony.

The charge was filed in 2020.

A warrant was issued Jan. 12 after Downey failed to appear in court.

Valley: charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, sexual misconduct of a minor, incitement to a child and supplying pornographic material. He was released on December 2 on $75,000 bail. Valley’s arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 15.

Valley was indicted by a grand jury last June.

Stein: Stein was arrested on a federal inmate for receiving child pornography and no bond has been set in the case.

He was released in December under special conditions by a federal court.

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