Job applicant sues Bridgewater State U. for asking her to ‘defend her whiteness’ in interview

A Connecticut social worker has filed a race and career discrimination lawsuit against Bridgewater State University after she asked her to “defend her whiteness” during a job interview.

Donna Johnston, one of ten candidates for three vacancies at the School of Social Work, said she was “devastated” by the statement, in addition to being told that “black students might not to be able to identify with [her] Due to [her] white privilege, The Boston Globe reports.

Johnston says her qualifications are “superior” to those of the three women who ended up being hired by Bridgewater State. The university claims race played “no factor” in its hiring decisions.

“Any possibility of a discriminatory motive is contradicted by the fact that the university ultimately hired two Caucasians,” Bridgewater State said in a statement. (The third hire was a black woman.) He also said Johnston “lacks expertise and classroom experience and did not present himself as student-focused” in his statement filed last month with Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

According to World report, Johnston previously taught at Southern New Hampshire University and Virginia Commonwealth University. She said she expected questions about that experience, as well as her “clinical practice, her work in the field,” not her “whiteness.”

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Johnston’s attorney said, “If someone had said to a black candidate, let’s talk about your blackness, or how your blackness affects something, there would be outrage.”

Of the history:

“The way I was treated during the interview was wrong,” Johnston said. “I’m probably not the only one to have endured something like this. Maybe they didn’t speak. So if nothing else, maybe I’ll give people the courage and the strength to come forward.

The three-page lawsuit, filed Feb. 24 in Plymouth Superior Court, demands a jury trial and $50,000 in damages.

The question of white privilege, posed by an associate professor at Bridgewater State’s School of Social Work, was intended to give Johnston an “opportunity to show… how she would use her experience and teaching skills to overcome a common obstacle as a social worker. and teacher,” according to the university’s position statement on the MCAD claim.

Johnston’s response “missed the mark,” the statement said.

Labor attorney David Belfort agreed that Bridgewater State’s hiring of two white candidates will make it harder for Johnston; however, “it’s best to keep the race out of the interview process,” he said.

Belfort adds: “Why put white on it? The white part is what makes it potentially illegal.

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