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They say variety is the spice of life, but what if you can’t tolerate spicy foods?

When it comes to understanding capsaicin, the molecule in food that creates that burning in your mouth, the jury is still out. You know that burn that hits your tongue the second you taste something spicy? It is your nerve endings that react to capsaicin.

What we know about capsaicin in the short term is that when you flood these tongue receptors during the meal, they eventually stop sending the burning response to your brain. And, if you continue to eat spicy foods, you can break down nerve endings, creating a “tolerance” to spices.

The weird thing? Those nerves can grow back if you take a vacation from your spice-laden diet. This is always what scientists dig.

The science of spices may be a mystery, but your job search doesn’t have to be. Keep reading for the hottest opportunities this week.

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