Letter to the Editor: Band of the Year Award

A Letter to the Editor by George S. Szypulewski

It’s a shame that our Moose Jaw & District Food Bank has once again been passed over by the judging panel for this year’s Group of the Year award. I won’t speak negatively about any of the nominees, they all deserved to be there, but when you look at the numbers it makes me think that I’m missing part of the equation that keeps these amazing people from winning, I am… mean, what can it be? It just doesn’t fit.

Congratulations to the halfway house – but I’m so sorry for Terri and the rest of the great people at the food bank. They raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars. They bought a dilapidated building and spruce it up, increasing property values ​​in the area and beautifying our city. Bringing in HUNDREDS of people for THOUSANDS of volunteer hours. They bring the city together like no other CBO can because they do not serve any exclusive clientele based on a person’s age, gender or religion.

To recognize them would be to recognize the city; it’s a shame the jury couldn’t see that; it’s that kind of friendliness that’s lacking in the city that would have been promoted had they won. Sorry, but I feel defeated. They do so much and just keep getting better, offering new programs and community tips that benefit everyone who needs it.

God bless them.

George S. Szypulewski

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