Lorena Mastrarrigo, Candidate for Broward County Circuit Court Judge, Group 51 – Sun Sentinel

Campaign website: Lorenaforjudge.com

Date and place of birth: December 26, 1973, Argentina

List in reverse chronological order each college, university, and law school and indicate for each the years of attendance, class rank, and cumulative grade point average.

University of Miami, Law School 1996-1999 Can’t remember GPA

University of Central Florida 1992-1996 Can’t remember GPA


List in reverse chronological order your work history over the past 15 years.

Law Office of the Public Defender 2009- 2009

Glantz and Glantz 2005-2009

As a lawyer, judge or both, describe the types of cases you have typically handled.

I have handled criminal defense, family law, personal injury and small civil cases.

If you are a lawyer, how many cases have you tried in the last five years? Of these cases, how many were tried before juries and how many were tried before a judge?

None, I’ve trained lawyers on how to properly conduct a trial.

If you are a judge, how many jury trials have you presided over that resulted in verdicts and judgments?

N / A

Have you been party to any lawsuit, including bankruptcy or foreclosure? If yes, provide details including case style, jurisdiction and nature of decision.


Have you been charged with or found guilty of a crime or misdemeanor, including convictions withheld? If yes, list the charges, dates of conviction and terms of sentence.


Have you ever been disciplined by the Florida Supreme Court on a recommendation from the Florida Bar, or have you ever been investigated by the Judicial Qualifications Commission? If yes, provide details.


List three cases in which you were lead or co-counsel and why they are important.

State of Florida v Keith Batson – my client had significant mental health issues and the drugs were expensive so he wasn’t taking them. He was scary when he wasn’t taking his medicine, but a lover when he was on it.

State against Angel Rivera – he had a long, bad drug habit. I was finally able to get him help and saw how well he was a few years later.

State v Andrew Nelson – he was wrongly accused of murdering his father who I had met several times throughout my portrayal of Andrew.

List current and past memberships in civic, fraternal, legal, or social organizations.

Broward County Bar Association

Broward County Hispanic Bar Association

The Hispanic Vote

Florida Bar Rules of Criminal Procedure

17th Panel on Judicial Professionalism

The life team

St Bonaventure Parent Resource Organization

If you are or have been an officer or director or engaged in the management of a commercial enterprise other than a law firm, state its name and business activity, your duties and whether you intend to resign at the time of the election.



Why are you running for this office?

I want to continue to serve my community in the best possible way. I believe that everything I have learned and my experiences will make me a judge that people will feel comfortable appearing before me.

If you have chosen to run for judicial office against an incumbent, state why you have chosen to do so.

N / A

If you have applied for appointment as a judge through a judicial nominating commission, provide details, including year(s) and results.

I applied several times before my daughter was born. I would be interviewed but I would not leave the committee.

Why should voters elect you over your opponents?

I think I have more experience on the pitch than my two opponents. I’ve tried both jury and bench trials in a few different areas of law. I have served my community in many different areas. I also currently teach advocacy at Nova Law School.

In your life experience, what best qualifies you to serve as a judge?

As an immigrant, I have experienced what it feels like to not have the opportunity to be heard. No one should feel like this.

What are the top three challenges facing the justice system in Broward County, Florida, or the United States?

1 . Not enough jurors to complete jury trials in a timely manner

2. The bench should reflect what the community looks like

3. Professionalism of lawyers

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