Minnesota orthopedic group hit with $111 million negligence verdict

A jury has awarded a man more than $111 million in damages following alleged negligent care provided by Sartell, Minnesota’s St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates in connection with surgery on his left leg, documents show. filed in the US District Court. for Minnesota on May 17.

Five details:

1. After fracturing his left leg on January 14, 2017, 24-year-old Anuj Thapa was taken by ambulance to St. Cloud Hospital. Chad Holien, MD, an orthopedic surgeon on call at the hospital, performed surgery to treat the fracture.

2. Mr. Thapa said he informed St. Cloud’s providers of “severe and difficult to control pain in his lower left leg” as well as “numbness, a burning sensation and reduced contraction of his muscles” , according to court documents. Despite these symptoms, he was discharged the day after the operation and was told to call a doctor if his condition worsened.

3. Six days after his discharge, Mr. Thapa returned to the hospital due to leg pain. Matthew Hwang, MD, another St. Cloud orthopedic surgeon, discovered that Mr. Thapa had acute compartment syndrome – the muscles in the anterior compartment of his leg were gray in color and had no contractility. Mr Thapa underwent more than 20 surgeries and “sustained severe, disabling and permanent damage to his left leg”, according to the complaint.

4. Lawyers representing Mr. Thapa said St. Cloud failed to provide him with acceptable care, alleging that providers failed to properly assess his symptoms, diagnose and treat his acute compartment syndrome, and fail to treat him. not returned appropriately. The lawsuit against St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates was filed in September 2019.

5. The verdict includes $110 million in past pain, disability, disfigurement, embarrassment and emotional distress, $493,073 in past medical expenses and $758,486 in future medical expenses.

A St. Cloud Orthopedics administrator said Becker’s the practice maintains that “the care provided in this case was within accepted standards of care”. St. Cloud Orthopedics continues to support Dr. Holien and Physician’s Assistant Will Paschke, who have been named in this case, and are evaluating “options regarding this verdict.”

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