MTN Group and Huawei ADN Nominated by GSMA for GLOMO Award for “Best Network Software Breakthrough”

Recently, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) announced the list of nominees for the 27th Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards, and Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Network (ADN), developed in partnership with MTN Group, is in good standing. place on the list.

The GLOMO Awards are the culmination of Mobile World Congress (MWC), which is one of the largest annual events in the communications industry. This nomination recognizes the outstanding performance of Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) in helping operators transition to digital intelligence. Recognition by the authoritative international communications jury indicates that ADN has a bright future.

Guided by the belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life, MTN Group offers the “Ambition 2025” strategy to build the largest and most valuable digital networking platforms in the Pan-African region. To reinforce this strategy, MTN Group cooperates with Huawei and provides Huawei with sufficient support and trust. Since 2021, Huawei has been contributing to MTN Group’s transformation towards digital intelligence in fixed, wireless and transport networks. During this period, various smart grid applications have been successfully implemented.

Considering the outstanding business value, social value and innovation cases of multi-domain network software, this cooperation program was nominated for GLOMO 2022 “Best Network Software Breakthrough” award.

In this program, ADN adopted advanced technologies such as native intelligence, real-time awareness, cloud-network convergence, digital twin, network path optimization and knowledge graph to realize loop management. closure of the full life cycle of network and service operations. This helps MTN Group to implement software technology innovations and solutions in IP, FTTH and wireless networks. Therefore, MTN Group can better develop new business, improve TCO efficiency and fulfill its social responsibilities. Taking the example of MTN South Africa Opco, two major deployments were completed in 2021, including sleeper cell self-healing solution and smart IP private line solution for the first time in the African continent.

The sleeper cell self-healing solution with automation of cross-domain outages for radio access network services has been deployed at MTN South Africa. This solution automates the monitoring, detection, diagnosis and recovery of dormant cells. Over 80% of poor service issues due to sleeper cell issues have been resolved and resolution time has been successfully reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes after solution deployment. For the deployment of smart IP private line solution, ADN cooperates closely with HUAWEI CLOUD and MTN Group to provide a full range of automatic and smart capabilities, including latency circle, plug-and-play CPE, pre – HUAWEI CLOUD integration and one-stop shopping. provisioning cloud network services with SRv6. MTN Group can take full advantage of its network advantages in the African continent and promote the cloud and provide one-stop digital services with the best possible experience for pan-African enterprise customers.

Going forward, Huawei DNA will build on this and, through iterative optimization, provide more network autonomy scenarios to help carriers and enterprises transform and transition to digital intelligence in pursuit of a self-fulfilling, self-repairing and self-optimizing autonomous solution. network. Supported by Huawei’s “Communications Network 2030” strategy, it aims to deliver a touchless, wait-free and trouble-free user experience.

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