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LISBON – In county municipal court, Linda R. Stuller, 33, West State Street, Salem, was linked to the grand jury on charges of drunken weapons and improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle after allegedly firing a pistol at the window of an SUV parked in Perry Township on November 26.

Adam L. Lodge, 30, Rose Drive, Lisbon, has been linked to the grand jury on charges of burglary and criminal damage for allegedly breaking and entering Dana Wilheim’s home and damaging both a wall and a bowl in glass with a candle in it on November 28.

Jordan R. Swain, 34, Mattix Road, Lisbon, was fined $ 1,125, required to complete a three-day, 20-hour community service counseling program for physical control while intoxicated and improper handling of a firearm after being found intoxicated, sitting in a vehicle on September 10 and with a 9mm Ruger loaded under the driver’s seat. The citations for unauthorized plate and citation of open container were rejected.

Tommy L. Brown, 64, Camp Boulevard, Hanoverton, was fined $ 975, his license suspended for one year, required to complete a three-day counseling program and ordered 30 hours of community service for a stop sign violation and the first OVI offense modified from OVI second offense.

A February 1 refit has been set for James Daniel Borntrager, 42, Hillside Drive, Hanoverton, cited for first OVI offense and lack of oversight.

Donavin J. Hanna, 30, Pine Street, Leetonia, was fined $ 500 and demanded 20 hours of community service for domestic violence and disorderly conduct modified from domestic violence. On September 22, Hanna grabbed Jordan Lewis and threw her to the ground and yelled at the 19-year-old babysitter threatening to cut off the baby’s head and kill everyone at the Edged in Stone Tavern on Front Street in Leetonia.

James R. Knepper, 56, Washington Street, Washingtonville, was fined $ 500 and four days in jail for theft for failing to scan $ 217 worth of food at Salem Walmart on October 10.

Harold G. Bell Jr., 59, Grant Street, Salem, has made a clear domestic violence plea for grabbing and hitting Mary Fitch on the neck on Sunday. A sentencing hearing has been set for December 16.

A Jan. 24 binge has been set for Mary D. Fitch, 41, of Grant Street Salem, charged with domestic violence for hitting Harold Bell in the mouth on Sunday.

A February 10 pre-trial has been set for George E. Faulkner Jr., 35, Highway 14 State, Eastern Palestine, charged with domestic violence for allegedly punching his father in the face, kicking him at the front with steel-toed boots and smashing his glasses on Friday.

A trial before Jan.20 has been set for Cassandra L. Tomlin, 23, South Howard Avenue, Salem, charged with endangering children for allegedly allowing an unsupervised child to wander the station area -Speedway service on October 10.

A February 28 refit has been set for Cassidy Marie Francis, 22, Warren, cited for driving under suspension, reckless operation, lack of control and violation of the traffic control system.

A Jan. 20 tune-up has been set for Justin L. Vasquez, 30, garage Allen Avenue, Columbiana, charged with disorderly conduct for yelling outside a house and knocking on the windows of a house on Saturday.

Alex L. Porter, 37, of Enon Valley, Pa., Was fined $ 350, two days in jail and 20 hours of community service for criminal trespassing and modified disorderly conduct after assault. Porter went to a house on National Highway 14 in eastern Palestine where he attempted to retrieve personal effects and refused to leave when asked by Jenna Jackson to do so, causing cuts to him to the fingers during an altercation with him.

Christopher D. Price, West Ninth Street, East Liverpool, was credited with 24 days in jail and a fine of $ 250 for possession of drug addiction devices for a hypodermic needle found under the seat he was sitting in that was was found with the help of K-9 Hunter from the sheriff’s office.

A Jan. 24 bailout has been set for Jesse L. Little, 37, of Youngstown, cited in possession of an addiction device and drug paraphernalia after glass crack pipes, syringes and Suspected narcotics were found in a vehicle with the help of a K-9 drug in Columbiana on Saturday. A driving quote without proof of financial responsibility was rejected.

Brianna Lynne Beaudon, 37, North Pleasant Drive, Eastern Palestine, was fined $ 350, one day in jail and 40 hours of community service for threatening and obstructing official business for asking MPs to leave her chickens alone, leave her alone, screaming “do not touch me” because she refused to follow police orders and threatened to hit Detective Sgt. Brett Grabman in the face.

A pre-trial pre-trial has been set for Jan. 31 for Jeffrey J. Braund, 30, of Youngstown, charged with Possession of a Schedule Four Controlled Substance for allegedly finding buprenorphine with the help of ‘a K-9 in Columbiana on May 29.

Cassandra R. Manley, 33, Township Line Road, Wellsville, was fined $ 180 for fictitious recording, seat belt violation and lack of control.

A Feb. 1 bail has been set for Austin William Kimmell, 23, Highway 165 State, Eastern Palestine, charged with possession of marijuana.

Jared Yerby, 38, of Beaver Falls, Pa., Was fined $ 150 for possession of marijuana.

Brent Matthew Ellis, 37, Red Tall Drive, Leetonia, has been fined $ 150 for speeding.

Chelsea Dae Yarwood, 30, Wilbert Avenue, East Liverpool, has been fined $ 100 for driving while suspended.

An inappropriate passing quote against Steven Douglas McDevitt, 56, Kirk Road, Columbiana, was dismissed.

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