Nightingale courts deal ‘avoided threat of job losses’ at Warwick Hotel

A Warwick hotel has managed to avoid laying off people thanks to a deal to become a temporary home for a court of nightingales.

Peter Nye, managing director of Delta Hotels by Marriott Warwick, said the deal had helped offset losses reaching hundreds of thousands of pounds as the rise of Omicron devastated the hospitality industry.

The deal came at a time when thousands of people have canceled hotel stays, restaurant meals and Christmas parties amid a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases.

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Mr Nye has signed a six-month contract with the Department of Justice for the hotel, formerly known as M40 J15 Warwick Hotel, to house two courtrooms for scheduled criminal cases at Warwick Crown Court.

And although the deal, which ends March 22, was seen as controversial by some, the hotel manager said it was worth its weight in gold in the hotel’s bid to reinvigorate its post recovery. -pandemic.

“It’s hard to say with hindsight, but yes, maybe we should have made redundant,” Mr Nye told WarwickshireLive.

“Obviously we didn’t fire, which is great. We certainly would have suffered substantial losses had it not been for the court’s approval.

“We would have posted losses of a hundred thousand dollars a month without it. It’s really a godsend for us.”

Admission to newly renamed Delta Hotels by Marriott Warwick hotels

The courtrooms, held in conference and banquet halls, staged a series of jury trials involving burglary, fraud, robbery and drug-related offenses to help the justice system catch up with a backlog of business due to the pandemic.

Yet because of the way the courts and their access have been laid out, Mr Nye said most hotel guests were unaware of the arrangement.

He also doesn’t think the presence of criminal trials in the building has deterred people from staying.

“I don’t imagine it had a ripple effect on occupancy rates and commerce,” he said.

Newly Renovated Lobby at Delta Hotels by Marriott Warwick
Newly Renovated Lobby at Delta Hotels by Marriott Warwick

“The big blow for us was the Omicron wave. It made it a lot calmer for us and it made the market a lot calmer overall.

“With all the enabling work that has been done and the way it’s been designed, the majority of customers were completely unaware of it.

“We’ve had negative feedback from some people online, but not necessarily from people who have stayed at the hotel.”

To complicate matters further, the hotel has undergone a major £7million refurbishment which will see 140 of the hotel’s 180 bedrooms and bathrooms refurbished by April 1.

All of the hotel’s public areas, including the foyer, reception, restaurant and bar, have also been renovated.

No wonder things are really starting to look up for everyone connected to the four-star hotel.

“The beginning of April seems a little slow, but that’s often the case at this time of year,” adds Mr Nye.

“But after that we seem very busy. It seems really healthy and we get a fantastic amount of enquiries.

“Guests who haven’t been to the hotel for two or three years say how eager they are to come back.

“It’s been a really tough time for the hospitality industry. That said, the recovery is definitely coming back for us.”

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