NJ Amazon union petition withdrawn by task force with alleged past mob ties

A union with alleged past ties to the mob has withdrawn its petition to unionize an Amazon plant in New Jersey, the National Labor Relations Board announced Tuesday.

International Union Brotherhood Local 713 was seeking to represent 200 workers at an Amazon delivery station in Bayonne.

The group – which is not affiliated with the Amazon Labor Union which successfully organized a much larger Staten Island warehouse earlier this month – had collected signatures from at least 30% of eligible employees in Bayonne, said NLRB spokeswoman Kayla Blado told the Post on Monday.

The NLRB was planning a union election when the union group withdrew its demand on Tuesday, according to Blado.

“The union has withdrawn the petition for Amazon in New Jersey and the regional manager will approve the withdrawal,” she said.

Steven Kern, an attorney representing IBOTU, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

International Union Brotherhood Local 713 was seeking to represent 200 workers at an Amazon delivery station in Bayonne.
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The takedown comes a day after The Post reported on past allegations of shady practices against IBOTU officials.

In 2012, federal prosecutors alleged that the group’s former treasurer, Robert Scalza, enlisted a Genovese capo to threaten a rival union that was trying to unionize a Long Island chocolate factory.

IBOTU officials have been repeatedly accused of misconduct.
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Scalza later pleaded guilty to extortion conspiracy charges, served six months of house arrest and was temporarily banned from union activity, the New York Daily News reported in 2014.

Scalza then returned to IBOTU in 2019 and raised $341,000 that year, according to union tax forms.

Kern told the Post on Monday that Scalza no longer works with the union.

Former IBOTU President Peter Hasho has also been charged with corruption. In 2003 he was indicted for allegedly helping to steal money from a union welfare fund, but a jury later cleared him of the charges.

He was also arrested and arraigned in connection with a separate alleged union bribery scheme, the New York Times reported in 1975, although the outcome of this case is unclear from available court records.

The IBOTU is not affiliated with the Amazon Labor Union, an upstart group that unionized an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island.
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Tax filings show Hasho served as the union’s ‘pres emeritus’ and won over $1 million in compensation in 2018 and $810,000 in 2019 before he died in September 2021.

Two other IBOTU officials, Perry and Richard Scalza, joined the union after being kicked out of rival International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 819 in 1994 for allowing friends and family to join the union to benefit from cheap health insurance, labor magazine In These Times reported in 2011.

It is unknown if the Scalzas are still working at the IBOTU. Richard was not on the union’s last available tax return from 2019, but Perry was on the union’s roster of vice presidents and took home $95,200.

Amazon declined to comment.

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