NYF Advertising Awards Launch Category Group Future Now; David Justus is the chairman of the executive jury of Future Now

Sasco Digital Assets signs as a sponsor

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – New York Festival International Advertising Award® debuts for 2022 “The Future Now”, a new category group launched to highlight creative work that uses technology to deliver an innovative approach that leads to a more engaged consumer experience.

New categories within this future group include Generative Creation, Modified Reality, Decentralized Technology, Best Innovation, and Advertising of Crypto Products and Services. To see the full list of categories visit: https://www.nyfadvertising.com/Competition/Categories.

“The pandemic has accelerated a deep dive, a general awareness in the world of ‘bits’ opening up new ‘real estate’ for culture and businesses to capture or be captured. This group of categories is intended for an engaging and meaningful tailor-made use of technology that delivers a superior customer experience on behalf of the brand, ”said Scott Rose, executive director of the New York Festivals Advertising Awards.

As chairman of the executive jury for this newly unveiled category group, David Justice, director of technology and business development for AKQA, will lead the executive jury for “The Future Now”. Together, David and the prestigious jury dedicated to innovation and creativity will collectively and passionately examine the revolutionary entries within this forward-looking group of categories.

“I am thrilled and honored to be the chairman of the jury for the Future Now category – it amazes me how quickly technology is changing our behavior and interacting – and I’m thrilled to be able to help recognize the creatives and technologies that open up. the way to create the future now. ”—David Justus, Director of Technology and Business Development, AKQA

David Justus brings years of industry expertise to the executive jury of “The Future Now”, his reputation in the industry as an award-winning technologist focused on the intersection of art, engineering and business. offers an eye to the future and experience in this disruptive new area of ​​work.

As Executive Director of Technology for North America, David is responsible for ensuring that AKQA delivers the best technology experiences and solutions possible to its customers including Mayo Clinic, HSS, Nike, Verizon, American Express, IBM and other leading brands. Prior to joining AKQA, David was a founding partner of innovation consultancy and studio Crossbeat NY where he built complex technical systems and developed digital campaigns for clients such as United Nations, Getty, DirectTV, Comcast and Spotify.

Sasco Digital Assets is the esteemed sponsor of The Future Now Category Group. Respected within the industry for empowering brands in this new era of digital ownership, in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and Sasco’s reputation for providing practical Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advisory and education solutions, make it the perfect partner to celebrate the revolutionary work emerging within the advertising sphere.

“All of us at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards are delighted that a reputable consultancy of the caliber of Sasco is sponsoring this new category introduced for adoption, education and innovation of head rotation in this new digital frontier.” Rose said.

“We are proud to sponsor the ‘The Future Now’ category to honor work at the forefront of the exciting new frontier that is web3. In this new space, creative brands are well positioned to strengthen their connection with loyal customers and fans using digital assets such as NFTs. Through our partnership with NYFA and the educational content we produce, Sasco is excited to help brands create the future now. ”—Omar Sabek, Founder and CEO, Sasco Digital Assets

David Sable, host of NYF’s Creativity from the Other Side, recently interviewed ‘The Future Now’ Executive Jury Chairman David Justus, AKQA Executive Director of Technology, check out this exciting new episode: HERE. To see Creativity on the Other Side’s interview with CEO and Founder of Sasco, Omar Sabek, visit: https://home.nyfadvertising.com/creativity-from-the-other-side-?p.

The New York Festivals Advertising Awards competition receives entries from over 60 countries and is judged by more than 400 NYF Executive Jury and Grand Jury members, who collectively voted to select the award-winning work of the year. The selection process for the 2022 Executive Jury and Grand Jury Jury is ongoing.

The deadline to enter the 2022 New York Festivals Advertising Awards is April 1, 2022. For more information on categories, rules and regulations or to view the 2022 entry guide and enter your work, visit: https://home.nyfadvertising.com/new22.

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Creativity From The Other Side w / David Sable – With: David Justus (President of the Executive Jury of The Future Now)

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