Peter Beardsley will take a management role in a surprise move – Report

It has now been two years for Peter Beardsley since the end of his football ban.

The Newcastle United manager was initially put on gardening leave, after allegations of bullying and racist comments towards young players.

Then, on September 19, 2019, the FA issued a 32-week ban on all football-related activity after convicting Peter Beardsley of making racist comments, with that ban ending in April 2020.

Since then, we have heard little from the former Newcastle United star, apart from his attendance at coaching lessons for children over the holidays.

However, on Saturday morning it was claimed that would soon change.

A report of NewcastleWorld says their information is that Peter Beardsley is set to manage non-league side Hebburn Town.

Hebburn sacked Kevin Bolam in early March and the report claims Peter Beardsley will now be announced as his replacement.

Hebburn Town play in the Northern Premier League Division One East and they are currently 12th of 19 clubs in the table.

In September 2019, the FA discovered Beardsley called a black player a ‘monkey’ and told young black players they should be good at climbing trees during a club visit to a ‘Go-Ape’ centre. “.

The FA statement also revealing that: ‘Mr Beardsley has also been ordered to attend a face-to-face training course.’

Le Mag – September 19, 2019:

Peter Beardsley has been banned from football after being found guilty by the FA.

The former Newcastle star has been found guilty by the FA of all three charges relating to his time at St James Park coaching young players.

The decision comes 20 months after Peter Beardsley was first placed on gardening leave in January 2018 when the allegations were first made.

Beardsley is banned from all football and football-related activity by the FA for 32 weeks, until April 29, 2020.

AF Statement:

“An independent regulatory commission has suspended Peter Beardsley from all soccer and football related activity for a period of 32 weeks until April 29, 2020.

The football association [The FA] charged Mr Beardsley with three breaches of FA Rule E3 following the conclusion of initial disciplinary proceedings by Newcastle United FC over allegations of misconduct.

The FA alleged that Mr Beardsley used abusive and/or insulting words, which breached FA rule E3(1) and constituted an “aggravated offence” under FA rule E3(2) due to reference to ethnicity and/or color and/or race and/or nationality, while employed as coach of the club’s under-23 team.

All three breaches of FA Rule E3 were dismissed, but were later found to be proven based on the results and findings of Newcastle United FC’s disciplinary proceedings.

Mr Beardsley was also ordered to attend a face-to-face training course.

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