Polo man charged with murder pleads guilty in Livingston County court

Polo man charged with first degree murder after Polo shooting in January 2021 pleaded guilty in Livingston County on January 6e.

Online court reports show the prosecutor has dismissed three charges for 36-year-old Kevin Lynn Barnett Jr. The charges dismissed were felonies of assault or attempt in the first degree, criminal action with a weapon and theft in the first degree.

The prosecutor recommended 20 consecutive years in the Department of Corrections on the murder charge and five years in the Department of Corrections on a felony charge of illegal possession of a firearm. The sentence would be executed consecutively to any other sentence.

The Barnett case continued until March 3e for conviction. A jury trial on January 18e until 21st has been cancelled.

A probable cause affidavit indicates that officers found Elizabeth Michelle Adams, 31, of Polo, lying at the intersection of East Farabee and Milwaukee streets. It was after a 911 call of gunfire. Emergency medical services took Adams to Liberty Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Barnett allegedly grabbed a backpack from the woman and fled from the scene. The probable cause affidavit says he was later found sitting in a stream holding a pistol.

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