Public transport advocacy group slams Karnataka government for not allocating funds to BMTC

Public transport advocacy group Bengaluru Bus Prayanikara Vedike (BBPV) has called the state budget a disappointment for not allocating funds to the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Committee (BMTC) and shelving its demand free trips for commuters.

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“The budget evokes a deep sense of betrayal for the ordinary people of Bengaluru. Ordinary people and their daily or survival concerns related to mobility have not received the attention they deserve from the government. There was absolutely no mention of bus transport, no allocation of funds for BMTC (the lifeline of the city) and no reduction in fares for ordinary people, nor free travel for women and other communities vulnerable. It is also deeply troubling that the misplaced focus on roads and metros continues to drive budgetary and public spending priorities on mobility. These infrastructures and investments do not serve ordinary people. They also do not solve the problem of congestion. These types of projects have been shown not to be solutions for the majority of the city. Yet these expenditures capture budget allocations and investments disproportionately. Unless the government recognizes this flawed mobility agenda and spends on people mobility and buses, the mobility crisis or the city’s economic crisis will not end,” the group said in a statement. communicated.

Prior to the Karnataka budget, BBPV had requested the government to allocate Rs 1000 crore per year to BMTC so that bus fares could be reduced for the general public and made free for women, transgender people and the elderly.

“For the mobility that ordinary people can use and afford in the city, today’s budget has proven to be a major drag. The poverty crisis in Bengaluru and in urban areas, in general, has worsened after the pandemic and the lockdown. Surveys have shown that middle-income families fall into lower income levels. It is also well known that in conditions of heightened vulnerability, it is women and girls and other vulnerable communities who are the most affected and the most deprived. Based on the widespread concerns we saw and the jury report as well, BBPV had campaigned to reduce fares, make travel free for women and allocate Rs 1000 crore to BMTC to implement them,” a- he declared.

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