Should I mention my upcoming jury duty during a job interview?

“Yet there is also a setback. Employees’ implicit promises about their intentions to stay, contribute and perform at work are also important,” he said.

“In fact, research shows that employers are more likely to fulfill their promised obligations when employees fulfill theirs, and vice versa, as in any healthy relationship.”

Is your friend right to suggest that you shouldn’t mention jury duty? It really depends on the probability of the “worst case” scenario. What are the odds that you’ll do the interview, not mention jury duty, get the job, and then have to leave weeks, if not months, before you’ve even started your new role?

If the odds are good, and certainly if they’re high, I think you have to be very careful. If you end up on the jury, your new employer might think you’ve broken a promise, even an implied one. You may not have told the selection board verbally, “I will start day one without interruption”, but it would be reasonable for them to consider this to be a “written” clause in the psychological contract. .

“In short, it’s in an employee’s best interest to keep their promises, including what they report in job interviews, if they plan to stay with the organization long-term.”

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