The booming labor market gives the upper hand to employees

(WBNG) – With two job openings available for every unemployed person according to the US Department of Labor, employees can be selective when it comes to choosing a job.

Eastern Staffing & Recruiting Vice President Frank McCarthy told 12 News that the workforce environment is aggressive.

“A lot of companies are competing for the same type of people,” McCarthy said.

He explained that since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a change in the culture of the workforce.

“You really see the changing landscape of the employer and it’s really so that it can accommodate the employee,” McCarthy said.

Lindsey Murtland, senior associate director of employer engagement and partnership at the Fleishman Center, told 12 News that recent graduates have also reaped the benefits of this new market.

“Because they can really seek out employers that match their values ​​and future career goals,” Murtland said.

With average salaries up 5.6% in the US according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Murtland said recent graduates also see higher starting salaries, at an average of $60,000. per year.

McCarthy told 12 News if employers are looking to stay competitive and attract the right talent they need to focus on their employees and the quality of life in the workforce.

“The appreciation for personal life and family is definitely there,” McCarthy said. “It’s really about whether the employee feels valued.”

In March 2022, the unemployment rate hit a pandemic low of 3.6% and more than 400,000 jobs were added to the market according to the US Department of Labor.

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