The court will hear the truth about me and Miss Piggy

For the editor:

This will be my last letter to the editor. I can’t reason with Trump supporters.
Last October, Miss Piggy and I were in court for a restraining order against me. She was able to get this order because I was falsely arrested in September for harassing her. This charge was considered a political arrest. The judge threw it out on 4/6/22 right after the prosecutor couldn’t prove that I had done anything illegal.
Page 3 Line F
“Defendant shall not, knowingly or intentionally, come within 100 feet of Applicant or her vehicle, whether or not such vehicle is occupied.” It was a preprinted line on the form.
Here is what the judge wrote by hand that day in court, just above this line:
“The Respondent will have no contact with the Applicant while he is in the Village facilities. However, the applicant and the respondent can use the facilities at the same time. »
So your prosecutor will have the first week of August a full jury trial to settle this. When you read the words written by the judge, it would allow me in the Village facilities to walk next to Miss P or sit at a table in the pool, right next to her table, swim right next to she. Just no chatter or jesters.
So with his insistence the DA, they’ll have a jury trial because I parked three spots away from his cart in Hadley Pool. Your taxes to work for Trump supporters.

Edward McGinty
Village of Hadley

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