The emails between the judge and the prosecutor did not spoil the trial

ALLEGAN, Mich. (AP) — A man convicted of criminal sexual behavior does not deserve a new trial despite learning the judge was sharing her opinion on the case via email with the county attorney, the court heard. call from Michigan.

Daniel Loew had obtained a new trial, but the 2-1 decision of the appeals court overturned that decision on Thursday.

“The record does not even support an inference that the emails provided an advantage or altered a prosecution tactic,” the court said.

A 2019 Allegan County jury convicted Loew of criminal sexual conduct. Judge Margaret Zuzich-Bakker sentenced him to at least 20 years in prison.

It turned out that the judge emailed prosecutor Myrene Koch during the trial, asking a question about the victim and offering an unflattering opinion about the state police.

“This soldier did not do a very good investigation. Don’t they have detectives anymore? said Zuzich-Bakker.

Koch said she was not directly involved in Loew’s trial and did not share the judge’s views with an assistant prosecutor.

The emails were obtained by Michael Villar, who challenged Koch in the 2020 Republican primary but lost by 17 votes.

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