The sound engineer denounces the “error” of the jury

The 68th National Film Awards ran into some kind of controversy after the film’s Kannada sound designer Dollu lambasted the jury for mistakenly awarding a prize reserved for the film’s synchronized sound.

Jobin Jayan was named the winner of the location soundman position (only for films with synchronized sound) for Dollu, which incidentally was also voted best Kannada film. Synchronized sound is a technology where the sound is captured live with the visuals.

“Bad Judgment”

Shortly after the awards were announced, the film’s sound designer, Nithin Lukose, tweeted that the film had no sync sound. it was instead doubled. “I don’t know what happened behind the curtains of the national selections and its procedures. But I pity the judgment of the jury who could not tell the difference between a dubbed film and a film with synchronized sound”, reads his tweet. His tweet was shared by the likes of Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty.

Talk to later The Hindu, Mr. Lukose sarcastically commented that the jury should receive a “special jury award” for what he described as a mistake. “Maybe the production team had submitted it by mistake as a film with synchronized sound when entering the film for the prize. But a jury of experts is supposed to differentiate between the dubbed sound and the synchronized sound,” he said.

Mr. Lukose said that although the sound design team captured a band’s performance live, it was just for effects and did not qualify the film as a film with synchronized sound.

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