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In a hearing that lasted about two minutes, the case of Ironton Police Officer Bradley Spoljaric was transferred from Ironton City Court to Lawrence County Common Pleas Court on Monday afternoon .
Spoljaric appeared in his own clothes after bonding over the weekend.

He was arrested by the Ironton Police Department on July 27 and charged with felony first degree domestic violence, felony second degree aggravated possession of a Schedule I drug (methamphetamine) greater than five times the amount bulk but less than 50 times the bulk quantity and third-degree felony tampering with evidence.

According to court documents, Spoljaric had 19 grams of methamphetamine given to him by a private citizen and stashed in a box in his bedroom, rather than handing it over to the IPD for investigation.

The domestic violence charge related to a physical fight between Spoljaric and his wife. They were arguing in the street as a deputy passed by and called the police. According to the court document, Samantha Spoljaric said “she would not write a statement or sign an affidavit and also told officers she would not cooperate with an investigation.”

During the hearing, Judge Kevin Waldo first spoke with Spoljaric’s attorney, Roger Smith.

“Mr. Smith, I believe you had the opportunity to speak to (Attorney Brigham) Anderson about the case before the trial,” the judge said.

“I have, your honor. We intend to waive this preliminary hearing. In return, the state agreed not to oppose the transfer to the court of the common pleas,” Smith said.

Waldo asked Spoljaric if it was correct that he tied the knot on Sunday.

Spoljaric said that was okay.

Waldo asked Spoljaric if he understood his rights in court, if he had signed the waiver of a preliminary hearing, and if he had consulted with his attorney long enough to understand his rights regarding the waiver.

Spoljaric said yes.

Waldo then asked Anderson if the state was okay with maintaining the bond that had previously been set.

Anderson said they were. Thus, the bond and its requirements were transferred to the court of common pleas.

The domestic violence charge was dropped because it is a misdemeanor, but it or a similar charge could go to the grand jury. The Lawrence County Grand Jury meets August 22-23.
Spoljaric has been an IPD officer since April 2020 and a sergeant since July 2021.

The investigation is ongoing and information is being forwarded to the Lawrence County District Attorney’s office. Anyone with information about this case can call the IPD at 740-532-5606. Information can be left anonymously.

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