This shows how solid Leeds United Group is

Leeds United legend Dominic Matteo is of the opinion that Patrick Bamford’s teammates are so quick to console him after his injury, which proves just how tight-knit the team is at Elland Road.

Bamford’s already injury-riddled season has been another blow after he left against Wolves last month and he’s been sidelined again for quite a while.

Upon his exit, the Whites star was consoled by teammates Liam Cooper and Kalvin Phillips, among others.

Matteo is delighted to see the white team showing sympathy for Bamford and he thinks it highlights Elland Road’s strong and caring group of players.

The Whites legend however admitted that during his time in the Bamford situation he was told not to mope and received no sympathy but is happy the Leeds players are sticking together.

“It shows how strong this group is”Matteo said on LUTV about the players coming together to support Bamford after his injury.

“When a player like Pat comes out we don’t know to what extent but it looks like a serious injury and the players got around it straight away and it’s great to see that.

“It probably wouldn’t have happened in my time, to be honest, I would have been told to keep going.

“I didn’t have any hugs, I’ll tell you, we didn’t have any hugs.

“Today is a different time and it’s good that they have that, I guess it’s like a bond or a friendship, you also have to have buddies.

“Not everyone gets along with everyone, but one thing at Leeds United that we’ve seen is that we stick together, we all stick together.”

Bamford are set to miss more games in the current run-in and the jury is out on whether he will play for Leeds again this season.

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