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In the early 1990s, City of Santa Fe planning staff saw the northwest quadrant, including Las Estrellas, as a way to flood the market with new homes, thereby reducing the cost of housing. The jury is still out on that idea. It’s nice to have a local preference and for local workers to work, live and spend here. With all the promises job developers make to the planning commission and city council, are these jobs local? Or do they go back to Albuquerque and spend their money there? Someone should follow these promises and these jobs to prevent the expenses from leaking out.

The political pundits attacking President Joe Biden for the Senate’s failure to pass the Rebuilding Better and Voting Rights bills have picked the wrong target. Rather, the blame should lie squarely with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. There may still be time for Schumer to absorb the lessons of Master of the Senate, the third volume of Robert Caro’s biography of Lyndon Baines Johnson. As practiced by LBJ as Majority Leader, the art of persuasion often came down to the twisting of the arms rather than Senator Schumer’s overly characteristic panty twist.

I wish the media would downplay the constant sensational headlines regarding COVID-19, such as a recent front page of the new mexican referring to “skyrocketing cases” and “increases in the number of hospitalizations of children”. These types of stories only provide absolute numbers with no context to allow the audience to judge their own risk. Of the total number of cases, how many actually result in hospitalizations and were there any underlying health conditions? Reports of skyrocketing hospitalization rates for children unduly scare parents because publishers, again, rarely put the numbers into context. For example, hospitalizations of children in conventional good health due to the coronavirus are still extremely rare. Children and adolescents are much more likely to be killed or injured by gunshots, cancer or suicide.

Whatever Jimmy Lopez, my friend and correspondent, did many years ago, he screwed it up. Maybe someone even got hurt. I do not know. I met Jimmy over 12 years ago through a pen pal program with Buddhist prisoners. We have corresponded ever since. Both her mother and father are aging and are still caring for various grandchildren and possibly even great-grandchildren now. Jimmy has been in the California prison system for maybe 30 years. He writes to me four times a week, asking about my family, wanting his, and hoping that God will help him answer correctly at his next parole hearing. With my own life now curtailed with COVID-19, I make it a point to respond weekly. I order groceries for Jimmy four times a year. It’s not much, but it may be enough to give him a sense of universal brotherhood. Now, what would make the state of New Mexico change a personal bond that our prisoners share with their families? Are these corruption issues? New Mexicans can’t be trusted to monitor New Mexican mail? The letters and cards are tokens of affection and encouragement, bastardized by the mistreatment of foreign companies.

Santa Fe’s New Mexican is the best local/regional newspaper I know; I appreciate your work very much. But why do you systematically refuse in articles on lives lost due to COVID-19 and in death statistics to say each time whether individuals have been vaccinated? I understand the sensitivity of the families and I deeply sympathize with their loss. But being open about it would save lives by helping more people decide to get vaccinated and vaccinated.

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