UPDATE: Former employee of Baptiste migrant group home in Chattanooga indicted on grand jury | Local News

UPDATE: A former employee of the Baptiste group home for migrants has been indicted by a grand jury.

According to the real bill released on August 1, Florencia Renderos-Morales was charged with one count of sexual assault by an authority figure.

The real bill says Renderos-Morales is charged with unlawful sexual contact with a child who is 13 or older but under 18.

Renderos-Morales was originally charged with one count of sexual violence in July 2021.

She surrendered to Silverdale Detention Center on August 30, 2021.

Renderos-Morales is due in court on August 19.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: According to the Hamilton County Court clerk, the sexual assault charge against an authority figure was dismissed Tuesday morning.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Rebeka Perez appeared in court on Tuesday where her charges were reduced to Offensive Touching.

Perez was initially facing charges of sexual battery by a 16-year-old male authority figure at the Chattanooga group home that housed migrant children.

His next court date is set for July 26.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Rebeka Perez was due in court today, but the judge adjourned her case to July 5.

The other two women charged had their cases assigned to the grand jury earlier this year.

Perez faces sexual battery charges.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: A third employee of Chattanooga Migrant Children’s Facility is facing sexual battery charges.

Rebeka Perez, 22, was arrested on Tuesday. It comes two months after the facility’s last employee was charged.

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Officials say the investigation into the Baptiste group is still ongoing. The establishment has seen its license suspended since July 1, following the first criminal charges by an employee.

They continue to fight this suspension in court with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. It was denied twice, and court documents show the state announced last month that it was considering revoking the license.

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The migrant children have been housed at the Baptist group facility in Highland Park for nearly three months. A black tarp still wraps around the fence and the private property signs remain in place.

Now the number has risen to three, on employees facing sexual battery charges. The latest came on Tuesday on Rebeka Perez, 22, who allegedly had a relationship with a then 16-year-old boy.

An affidavit says the minor revealed to federal investigators on Monday that “Perez kissed him on the lips inside the facility while he was housed there.”

The report states that when the boy left the facility, the two were communicating on Instagram and different apps.

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A few weeks ago, the miner says Perez told him to delete their conversations after learning the facility was under investigation.

The minor also told investigators that Florencia Renderos, an employee charged with sexual battery in July, contacted him as a warning that Randi Duarte, who was also charged with sexual battery, and another employee had reported to authorities while everyone in the establishment. .

The other named employee has not been charged.

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Since Channel 3 began investigating flights carrying migrant children to Chattanooga, legislation has been filed in Congress because lawmakers say they were unaware that the federal government was orchestrating these transports in their own backyards.

Sens Bill Hagerty and Marsha Blackburn, along with Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, filed the Migrant Resettlement Transparency Act, and Rep. Mark Green filed the Every State Has A Say Act in May. Both seek transparency on migrant children coming to Tennessee.

Both are currently before the House Judiciary Committee.

Channel 3 has contacted the Baptiste group’s lawyer, who would not comment on the ongoing litigation.

Florencia Renderos Morales referred Channel 3 to her lawyer when contacted for comment.

Perez is due in court on November 23.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: A third woman has been charged with sex crimes at the Chattanooga group home which housed migrant children.

Rebeka Perez, 22, was booked into Silverdale Detention Center. According to Chattanooga police, Perez was charged with sexual battery by a 16-year-old male authority figure at the center.

Perez was an employee of the Baptiste group.

The Department of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security Investigations assisted the Chattanooga Police Department in the investigation.

The district attorney’s office and the CPD are continuing their investigation of the facility.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police have charged a Baptiste Group employee with a second count of sexual assault.

Florencia Guadalupe Renderos Morales surrendered at Silverdale Detention Center on August 30, 2021.

Renderos Morales was originally charged with one count of sexual battery in July 2021.

The ongoing investigation has identified a second minor minor which led to the additional charge.

PREVIOUS STORY: On Tuesday, the two women accused of sexual assault in connection with the Baptiste Group appeared before a judge. However, their hearing was cut short.

Both women, Randi Duarte and Florencia Guadalupe Renderos Morales appeared in the Hamilton County Courthouse.

LEARN MORE | Preliminary hearing dates have been changed for two members of the Baptist group in Chattanooga

However, their court dates have both been changed to January 11, 2022.

“We thought it might happen because of the seriousness of the matter and the amount of time we spent with them,” Duarte’s attorney Matt Brock said.

Brock said a few reasons delayed preliminary hearings for Duarte and Morales until next year.

“First and foremost, the reason it was moved, I believe, is that Mr. Little’s client is pregnant,” Brock said. “So if anything were to happen right now with COVID and all that, they want to make sure. [it’s safe].”

Brock said another reason is that Duarte’s actual attorney, Garth Best, was unable to appear due to quarantine requirements.

“It’s common to have a first frame and everyone get together, especially in the session court here with its court economy,” Brock said. .”

Morales’ attorney declined an interview.

Brock said he was not worried about the date change or the impact of the hearing, despite the seriousness and widespread awareness of the matter in Chattanooga.

“That’s not our concern,” Brock said. “Our concern is just to make sure we can do everything we can to [Duarte] and having all the facts and whenever we have an audience at this level or other levels, we are ready and everyone is on the same page.

Brock said he couldn’t predict if the date might change again or if it would stay consistent.

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